The Rise of The Italian Restaurant from Spaghetti Bolognaise to Prezzo

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  • Published January 13, 2011
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When we think of Italian food our brains automatically start wondering towards the image of crispy pizzas and tasty pasta dishes. Italian restaurants are hugely popular throughout the UK and the world. Everybody loves traditional Italian food. Spaghetti bolognaise and creamy carbonara are long standing favourites, but in more recent years UK restaurants have begun to serve up new and exciting dishes, incorporating local influences while remaining true to tradition.

Innovative Italian Cuisine

Italy is an incredibly diverse country; dishes, ingredients, cooking times and seasonings change radically from one region to the next. Italian cuisine is noted for its regional diversity and abundance of difference in taste. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular cuisines in the world.

The emphasis in Italy has always been on local food and wine, the closer to home the better, with fresh seasonal ingredients dictating the dishes created. You eat seasonally, with people traveling miles from the big cities to small mountain villages to feast on wild mushrooms and truffles in autumn and fresh asparagus, or even wild asparagus, in spring.

Many Italian restaurants in the UK offer modern dishes with a Mediterranean twist and while not all are traditionally Italian dishes they are fused with traditional styles and tastes to ensure an Italian experience. UK restaurants all boast different menus but many more are branching out into new and modern menu ideas, and while pizza and pasta is far from losing its popularity many people are switching to other styles as a way to mix and match new food ideas with classic options.

UK Restaurants

The Italian community in London dates back to the 18th century. An interest in Italian cuisine has been expanding ever since and there are now thousands of Italian restaurants to be found throughout the country. However, many of these restaurants attract people from all over the world as Italian cuisine draws in hungry customers from a wide assortment of backgrounds ensuring its popularity throughout a diverse range of people!

Even the fussiest of eaters love pizza and it is one of the nation’s favourite dishes with its various toppings that range from classic tomato and mozzarella through to more adventurous options including anything from fresh seafood through to a béchamel sauce! The beauty of Italian food in the UK is that the abundance of Italian UK restaurants makes it easy to find a restaurant that offers authentic food rather than an English version of bruschetta or gnocchi.

The Introduction of Prezzo

Prezzo is one of the more popular UK restaurants and as an Italian cuisine franchise it staves off its competition by offering unique ideas that are exclusive to the brand. Prezzo has proved its worth in the UK market, as the famous Italian restaurant has quickly expanded since its first dining establishment opened in 2000 in London’s popular Oxford Street area. With more than 80 branches of Prezzo throughout the south of the UK, a look at the menu makes it easy to see why the chain is so popular. As well as featuring the classic and ever-popular dishes such as beef lasagna and wood fired pizza, Prezzo offers its customers a fusion of foods while still retaining its Italian roots.

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