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  • Published January 28, 2011
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Many medical marijuana users admit to feeling ashamed of lighting up in front of their family members, especially when they have impressionable children at home. Understandably, many medical marijuana users worry about their children breathing in second-hand smoke or their houseguests smelling the unmistakable stench of marijuana, and as a result prefer to take their medical marijuana outside of the house - but how can they take it privately? Here are a few options for medical marijuana users:

A Cannabis Cafe

Obviously a cannabis cafe isn’t an option for all medical marijuana users, but in certain states where cannabis has been legalized for medical use, cannabis cafes have started to open up. Oregon is one state in which medical marijuana users can go to a cannabis cafe to toke up. One such establishment in Portland allows people to sit around taking drags from a vaporizer. The vaporizer is a large plastic bag which captures the potent aromas of cannabis, whilst the cafe also serves up snacks and main meals in order to beat the munchies. No medical marijuana is sold in the cafe and users bring in their own prescriptions.

Prepare Yourself a Compress

Medical marijuana may give off that unmistakable smell once it’s burnt, but you can usually get away with making a compress without anyone realising what exactly you’re taking for your ailment. If you’ve ever taken medical marijuana in tea form, then you’ll know exactly how to go about making this tincture, as the first part is almost identical to making medical marijuana tea. You simply need to boil water and pour it over your dosage of medical marijuana. However, you need to leave this type of tea for over an hour and a half to fully develop and then add a spoonful of butter. At this point, you can drink the tea but if you’d rather apply it as a compress then you’ll need to soak a cloth in the mixture and apply it to the part of your body that’s in pain. Leaving the compress on for thirty minutes is usually enough to eradicate the pain.


Medical marijuana can be eaten but it takes some time to get the dosage just right. Consuming cannabis has different effects on different people, and things like weight and height can play in part in how medical marijuana affects you. Most people that consume their medical marijuana choose to bake brownies, or cookies. However, it can also be made into sweets or even mashed into milkshakes and smoothies. Eating medical marijuana feels completely different from smoking the weed and some patients admit to feeling a little heavy in the body. It’s useful to experiment and attempt to get the dosage right, but generally you should use a half-ounce of medical marijuana per batch of six.

Join a Private Club

Although not technically a medical marijuana club, Breckenridge in Colorado attracts stoners and members of club 420 who can smoke from vaporizers in private. Members of the club must be over 21, and like the Cannabis Cafe in Oregon, no marijuana is sold on the premises. Rules stipulate that no member of the club should even attempt to inquire, seek or try to receive any cannabis from any of the club’s employees or other members.

It should be noted that this article is for information purposes only and should not, under any circumstances, be accepted as health advice.

Andrew Bartlett is the Managing Director of The Seed Dispensary which specializes in providing over 1,500 strains of high quality medical marijuana with a quick, confidential delivery service and order-tracking system. Our website offers information on medical marijuana cards, compassion clubs and other related issues.

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