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  • Published February 12, 2011
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White is a very common color for bathroom cabinetry because bathrooms are small interior spaces. When small interior spaces are decorated with dark colors it closes in the space and makes it appear smaller and more confined. Light colors achieve the opposite for small interior spaces as they open them up and make them appear larger. Even if the walls are not white in a bathroom, white bathroom cabinets help to make the bathroom appear as if it is a larger and has a more opened up space, which gives you a much needed sense of relaxation when you are inside this frequently used room in your home.

Bathroom cabinets that are painted white never go out of style and they always look fresh, new, and clean. This clean canvas look to the cabinetry in the room is a much welcomed sight as it is the room where people go to cleanse and refresh. These cabinets are always a good idea for remodels or new homes because the cabinet acts as a backdrop. Any other type of tile for the floor or granite for the countertop can be chosen and will look appropriate against white cabinetry. Other elements of the room can change and the light colored cabinets can remain and still look like a coordinated element of the room.

Another great element about built in white cabinets is that there are many pieces of additional furniture that come painted in a light colored style. If you choose to add a small corner cabinet or a cabinet above the toilet it will not be hard to find one that is made in a similar style to the existing white cabinets. Aside from having custom cabinetry made for the room, picking a clean cabinet style will provide you with the most and the easiest choices when decorating. Just because the cabinets are painted plain does not mean the rest of the bathroom has to be plain in style. If the cabinets are used as a constant then the other elements of the area can have much more flair to balance things out.

When decorating a bathroom the other elements of the room can change and the cabinet will always look coordinated if there is an echo of light color in another part of the bathroom. If the walls are painted light yellow or are wallpapered, adding some white crown moulding around the perimeter of the ceiling or half way down the wall will balance out the room.

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