Top 5 Causes Of Hemorrhoids

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  • Author Sandra Springfield
  • Published February 5, 2011
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Hello to everyone! For this article, I decided to talk about a very personal subject to many. Yes, I am going to be talking about hemorrhoids, specifically, the top 5 causes of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is something I have dealt with many years, and throughout this time, I have learned a lot about hemorrhoids and how to handle them. I hope this article and these tips help you as much as they have helped me. Now, I present the top 5 causes of hemorrhoids.

  1. Rushing Your Bathroom Time!

This is by far one of the top causes of hemorrhoids. When you go to the bathroom, do you take your time? Taking your time while using the bathroom is very important. If you try to rush, this can lead to excessive straining. What does excessive straining do? It increases pressure on your veins in that area. Taking your time while in the bathroom and making sure you don't strain is a great way to prevent hemorrhoids. If you simply get bored while in the bathroom, try reading a magazine! It's what my husband does!

  1. Stomach Troubles

Do you deal with stomach troubles? What about diarrhea? Constipation? Those that deal with these stomach issues may also have problems with hemorrhoids. The reason is that various stomach issues can also lead to straining, which I talked about in the previous cause of hemorrhoids. If you are having frequent stomach problems, you should talk to a doctor.

  1. Your Weight

Many people might not think this, but being overweight can also lead to hemorrhoids. If you are overweight with your abdomen, what is going to happen? It's going to lead to increased pressure on your veins down there. Increased pressure on your veins of course can lead to hemorrhoids.

  1. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or just gave birth, this can also be a major cause of hemorrhoids. When you are pregnant, the fetus may cause increase pressure on your blood vessals. In addition, if you just gave birth, the pushing that you did to deliver the baby can result in hemorrhoids. After all of the pushing it takes to push out a baby, you can't blame yourself for having hemorrhoids!

  1. Medical Conditions

Serious medical conditions such as heart disease can also lead to enlarged veins. Although this is fairly rare, if hemorrhoids are a major problem for you, just like any major problem, you should always have it checked out just to make sure it's not anything serious.

I hope you enjoyed this article. By knowing the causes of Hemorrhoids, you can also work to try and prevent them. Hopefully with this information, you can make hemorrhoids a thing in the past. Good luck!!

Sandra has dealt with the problem of hemorrhoids for many years. She recently created a blog to discuss hemorrhoids and offer any hemorrhoids remedy that she comes across.

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