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  • Author Veronica Shine
  • Published February 5, 2011
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In order to get the greatest juice extractor money can buy, then don't go past the Green Star Gold juicer. Created by Tribest, multiple award winning organization regarding numerous kitchen appliances including Green Star juicers, the Green Power Gold juicer is the flagship product of the corporation. It's easily the most effective and top quality all inclusive juice extractor available in the marketplace currently and the design that competitors certainly strive to copy.

Unique Twin Gear Technology

The exclusive durable twin gear impeller press system is the vital component to the Green Star Gold juicer. This makes the juicer slow-moving assuring a higher quantity of juice is generated together with superior preservation of delicate nutrients and less noise too. It is common for less expensive juice extractors to function faster thus causing higher heat and friction which is destructive to nutrients and enzymes, thereby lowering the overall health benefits of drinking the juice.

Regardless which vegetable or fruit is your favorite to juice, the Green Star Gold juicer will satisfy without a doubt. Standard soft fruits such as oranges, bananas and berries are super easy, while fibrous ginger and crunchy apples haven't a chance against this juicing machine! If you are extra health aware, you will be happy to know that this Green Star juice extractor is perfect even for wheat grass. In general fruit juicers and wheatgrass juice extractors are mutually exclusive devices where neither is recommended for juicing the other. However the Green Power Gold juicer was developed to be multi functional to reduce the need to fill your kitchen cupboards with such sole use machines.

In fact, the Green Star juice extractor is so adaptable that there are a lot of other fantastic built in functionality as well, in order to do away with the pasta maker, food processor and many more. This very useful kitchen appliance homogenizes and prepares frozen desserts, prepares rice cakes and bread sticks, processes baby food and processes nuts and dates for pie crusts and butters too. All this in one effective yet energy efficient device; It truly is so handy, you possibly won't actually bother to make space in a cupboard but rather on the countertop.

Want to manage your entire juicing and food processing needs in one? The complete Green Power Gold juicer will let you clear out other kitchen appliances right now! Veronica Shine seeks home products which benefit our health and are eco conscious. Look at other products for health in your home at [](

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