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  • Author Kris Beus
  • Published February 10, 2011
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When you watch the news and see the people making millions on the net it will usually spark some interest. Many people across the world would love the ability to make money online, but few will actually make it happen. When you want to start an online business it is important to start slow and simple understanding of your end goal. How you begin will depend on the amount of money you have to spend on your business. If you have absolutely nothing to spend then you will have to settle for a free business which is ok unless you start seeing success then you will find yourself reaching the bandwidth and storage limits. Personally I also like the fact that when using for my hosting company I get a free domain name and unlimited sub domains. The speed of websites is also much quicker since not nearly the same amount of people are sharing bandwidth. Before you begin the creation of your website or blog it will also be important to think about what topic you would like to create a web presence for.

When choosing a niche you should pick something which you have a decent interest in and supports an audience which is large enough to fit your online income goals. The main tool to use when trying to find out how much traffic any given topic has is When you enter any term into this tool it will tell you the monthly Google traffic for the term and give you a list of 99 related terms with their monthly traffic. Using this list you should be able to optimize your website or blog with the terms you would like to rank well for. Placing the terms on your website or blog will not be enough to rank well in Google or bring any traffic whatsoever. If you want to start building hits towards your website you will need to start internet marketing which is when you go off your website and promote. There are many free places which will allow you to build links and promote your website free of charge. Some of the more basic include the general directories over at After you submit to the thousands of free directories you can move onto the free article directories and social bookmarking websites. Some of the top sites you should submit to include,,,,,, and

These free resources should be enough to help you start building traffic towards your website or blog. Once you start getting hits to your web presence it will be time to monetize the traffic you are bringing in. One important thing to remember is the amount of traffic is relative to the amount of income your website generates. If this is your first business one of the easiest ways to start making money with your presence is through the use of PPC publishing which includes such websites as Google Adsense and Chitika. You can find both of these websites by doing a quick Google search. After you sign up for a free account you can create ads for your website and when one of your visitors click on an ad you will be paid a small commission. Another great website to look at when trying to monetize your website is which has thousands of products you can sale on your web presence for a commission.

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