Drug Testing – A Compulsory Initiative for a Healthy Future

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  • Published February 8, 2011
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In the present world, honesty is no more the best policy, and that goes true in the case of drug addicts. If you inquire a drug taker whether he consumes it on a regular basis, he will probably answer in the negative just to save his good name. Drugs are the most harmful ingredients for a human body. It not only leads to deterioration but affects the ambiance as well. Currently, drug testing has become compulsory in big organizations and even business firms. This testing procedure is not only conducted at work places but nowadays academic institutions like schools, colleges and universities are also considering it mandatory for every individual. For drug testing, a drug screening is conducted where everyone has to pass through certain tests that ultimately brings the victim in limelight.

There are many who consume certain formulated products. Amongst them the most common ones are masking chemicals and synthetic urine. With the help of these artificial supplements, drug addicts often succeed drug tests. Therefore, the normal drug testing methods are no more relied upon by employers. With the advent of ample medical innovations, plenty of modern drug testing methods have been introduced. Some of them are hair testing, hair alcohol testing, saliva testing, urine testing and a few more.

As far as hair follicle drug testing is concerned, sweat, saliva or urine drug testing comes much more expensive. The results for the other drug tests take a good number of days. Whereas, the results obtained from hair follicle drug tests are undoubtedly accurate and also take a short period to detect the main culprits. In fact, hair follicle drug testing is one of the best and preferred methods in detecting drug content in a human body. Most of the employers in big organizations opt for this method. Besides, it efficiently points out whether the employee is drug addicted or he has ended his drug intakes recently in order to cover up his usage. So, its a warning for those who are planning to use formulated products.

If you are an employee and have been asked for urine drug testing, you have to go to a separate collection site where your urine will be collected in a specially designed and secured cup as a sample. The container will be fully sealed with a tamper resistant tape for safety. If you wish, you can consult your physician regarding its delivery process. He might himself send your urine specimen to the laboratory for testing.

Now, once your urine specimen is collected, it will be divided into two aliquots. Out of the two, one will be sent for initial screening. If the particular urine specimen comes with positive results, the next aliquot will be brought forward for confirmation. All the medical test results will be reviewed at the Medical Review Office by appointed physicians. When results are declared negative, the MRO will inform the concerned employers. Alcohol hair drug testing has also gained importance among a good number of employers today. These are considered too as one of the efficacious drug testing procedures.

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