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  • Author Kris Beus
  • Published February 17, 2011
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Starting a website or blog is actually quite simple with all the resources online such as,, and These resources have made creating an online business really simple and super quick. Even though the ease of creating these websites and blogs are easy and quick the time frame of a successful blog or website remains the same. Google and the other major search engines have pretty much placed a block on new websites not really letting them rank well within the first year or so. One of the main reasons that the majority of online businesses fail is because of this first year. Webmasters and bloggers who have not been around and do not understand the expected time frame will usually experience extreme disappointment because the lack of search engine traffic. They can do the things which make a successful website or blog such as write every day and build links, but not see any success.

There are several things that you can do to make sure that your online business is on the right track. The first thing is writing content that is related to your niche and has not been seen online before. This means that rather than taking an article or topic that has been written about a thousand times over you fill a gap missing within your niche. One of the best ways to find out if an article has been already taken is searching Google for the exact title that you are wanting to write about. You will quickly see once you search Google for the title if someone has already written an article. Now if you are persistent about writing the article then find wording that has not been used. Remember that there is an unlimited amount of article possibilities so find the one that has not already been taken. You should also be building backlinks during the first year with the attempt to catch the leaders within your niche.

After the creation of your presence it is important to get indexed within Google. You cannot even start the year of wait until you are indexed in Google which you can do by building links. To start building links you can find thousands of free one way directories over at Submitting to all of these free directories will allow you to build a great link foundation helping you get indexed and start the year of wait. The longer your presence is in Google and the other major search indexes the easier it will be to rank well for competitive keyterms. Even when your website is somewhat new to the index it is possible to rank well for longer tailed keywords that have less competition. One good example of this is rather than ranking well for the term "make money online" it would be much easier especially for a newer website to rank well for the term "how to make money online free" or "ways to make money online". These keywords still have traffic and are worth going after, but carry less traffic.

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