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  • Published February 3, 2011
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Accutane is the acne treatment drug created by Hoffman La Roche, a US pharmaceutical manufacturer generating over $1.2 billion annually from the drug Accutane alone.

Accutane is also know by a number of generic names including Amnesteem, Claravis, Decutan, Istane, Sotret, Ratane, and Raccutane. These are all essentially the same drug.

Accutane was originally intended as a treatment of severe acne and was never meant to be used as a treatment for minor cases. The side effects and risk associated with the drug far outweigh the benefits in mild cases. The drug works by preventing the body’s oil glands from producing oil, which is very effective in reducing acne, it also depletes the body of molecules that hold water which help to keep skin, eyes, scalp, and joints well lubricated.

Side effects of accutane can include depression, alopecia or hair loss, back pain, pink eye, birth defects, suicidal tendencies, miscarriages, weak skin, vision problems, dry mucus membranes, dryness of the eyes, tinnitus or ringing in the ears, liver damage, low white blood cell count, erectile dysfunction, stroke, heart attack, anti social and aggressive behaviour, inflammatory bowel disease, psychosis, bone loss, anaphylaxis, allergic vasculitis and seizures.

These side effects have been the cause of much controversy and law suits surrounding the drug.

The FDA has required a black box warning be put on all containers of Accutane, warning of all risk associated with taking Accutane. This has caused a New Jersey appeals court to not hold Hoffman La Roche accountable for birth defects caused by its product because the company has been diligent in warning patients and providers of the risks of the medication. Federal courts also ruled in favor of Hoffman La Roche in a case between Adam Mason, a man who suffered severe inflammatory bowel disease after taking Accutane. This caused him to have most of his colon removed. The courts ruled in favor of Hoffman La Roche because Mason could not produce the deceptive warning label he claimed he received.

If you have suffered from any of the above side effect, you may wish to consider legal advice.

Accutane lawsuit and accutane lawsuits by

Accutane Lawsuit and Accutane Lawsuits by

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