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  • Published February 12, 2011
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Virtual offices are fast becoming a popular way to facilitate business activities. Taking advantage of the benefits that can be enjoyed from using the services of a virtual office is a fantastic way to save money and grow a business.

As well as savings on obvious outgoing payments such as rent and equipment, staffing costs are also dramatically reduced as the burden of insurance, health care, benefit packages, sick pay, maternity leave, payroll and keeping records are all no longer necessary. The absence of long term payment commitments to staff or buildings allow virtual office-based companies to save money that can be used to grow the business and expand with ease while its professionalism is not compromised. It is easy to see why virtual offices are proving to be so popular. The efficiency of using a virtual office stems from the technology behind the concept. Many companies that offer virtual office spaces also provide their clients with a range of technologies to support their offerings.

Cutting Edge Technology in Virtual Offices

Onefax: Onefax is a technology used by virtual offices that improves the efficiency of faxes – a necessity for many small, medium and large businesses. The online faxing system makes it flexible and convenient to use and the high-end telephony technology used by Onefax is a massive benefit to many virtual office users. This sort of technology allows business owners to save money on products such as ink, paper and machines. As well as making monetary savings, the efficiency of using fax is also increased. Programmes and systems put into place by a virtual office provider will have a backup and support system – unlike a regular fax machine that does not keep a record of any documents.

Forwarding messages: Some virtual offices are provided by companies that choose to use email as a way of forwarding messages onto clients after a virtual receptionist has taken a call while others opt to use SMS or a voice mailbox service.

WebEx: WebEx is a convenient way to participate in an online meeting in real time, which allows users to save on travel costs as well as time.

Thru: Large files as well as smaller ones can be accessed, collected, tracked and distributed with this easy-to-use system.

File transfer: This programme allows users to move files from their desktop to their personal Microsoft office portal that consequently enables them to access the files from any PC that can be connected to the internet, as well as print to a select location and share with colleagues worldwide.

Call patching services are another well-used technology in virtual offices and many telephone-focused companies can make use of this service. Another popular service is known as fax-to-email and this means that you can access to your faxes even when you are not with your fax machine, enhancing your ability to communicate with others from wherever you are. Virtual offices run on many technologies from simple forms such as call handling and forward services through to more complex technologies such as Onefax.

Virtual Offices London

One of the primary benefits of virtual offices is the use of a prestigious business address that is synonymous with the sector. Virtual offices London are arguably the most sought after addresses in the UK as the capital of one of the most vibrant business industries in the world and is without doubt one of the most significant places to conduct business from. Virtual offices London offer customers a sense of professionalism that is matched only by the top technologies used by such companies to ensure that just because a business uses a virtual office, it does not affect the expertise, professionalism or ability of a company.

Servcorp offers the world’s finest serviced and virtual office solutions, utilising the latest technology to enable businesses to thrive. Operating an international network of serviced offices including virtual offices London, Servcorp’s offic solutions enable companies of any size to operate with the corporate presence, IT, infrastructure and support of a multi-national organisation.

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