5 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Fruit

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  • Author Ashley Wilson
  • Published February 7, 2011
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Hi everyone! For this article, I decided to talk a bit more about our diets. Specifically, I am going to talk about fruit and why we should be eating them.

It is fairly common knowledge that fruits are a good thing to eat. We all know they are good for our health, but what exactly are some of the amazing benefits from fruit? What can fruits really do for our body? Here is my list of the top 5 reasons you should be eating more fruit. I hope this list will convince you to eat more fruit. So with that, let's get to this list.

  1. Water!

Here is something that a lot of people don't really think about. When you eat fruit, you are also consuming a lot of water. This is very important, as water intake is very important in remaining healthy. We are reminded often to drink plenty of water each day, but who says we can't consume the water from the fruit? Eating fruit is a great way to consume your daily intake of water.

  1. Fiber

In case you didn't know, most fruits have a large amount of fiber. This is very important for our digestive system. By having enough fiber, we can avoid constipation and generally feel better when it comes to our stomach. If you make sure to eat fruit every day, you should be able to reach your desired daily intake of fiber.

  1. Weight Loss

Another reason to eat fruit is the low amount of calories that fruits contain. Substituting fruit over other snacks is a great way to make sure you don't go over your recommended intake of calories each day. If you don't go over then guess what that means... you lose weight! Nearly every person who lose weight through a diet does so by including fruit in their diet. So why not join them?

  1. Vitamins

As a kid, we were always told to take our vitamins. Often times though as we grow up, we tend to forget about taking our vitamins. However, this is where fruit can come in. Fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals. So even if you aren't taking vitamins every day, you can make up some of it with your fruit. So basically, it's a win-win!

  1. Low Cost

With the other reasons, we've focused on your health. However, let's not forget about the cost! Fruits are often low cost which is a great way of saving money. In addition, you can also grow fruit in your very own backyard which will save even more money. When thinking about reasons to eat fruit, you just can't forget about the low cost of fruit!

I really hope these reasons have convinced you to eat more fruit in your diet. Fruit can be such a valuable part of our diet. And as this list showed, besides the many health benefits, fruit can also save you money. So you have absolutely no excuse now to not eat more fruit. So start eating it!

Ashley has had a history of dealing with constipation for many years. Earlier this year she decided to create her own Constipation Remedies blog. Through this blog she has researched constipation remedies and posted any information that she learns.

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