Top 5 Foods To Eat To Add Fiber To Your Diet

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  • Author Ashley Wilson
  • Published February 22, 2011
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Hi everyone! For this article I decided to talk a bit about diets and how to add fiber to your diet. Fiber is a very important part of your diet. If you don't have enough fiber in your diet, this can lead to problems with constipation. Constipation is very unpleasant and no one wants to deal with that, so how do we go about increasing the fiber in our diet? Here are my top 5 foods that you should eat to increase your fiber intake.

  1. Beans

I'm sure you know what everyone says about beans. But they really do have a lot of fiber and can help in avoiding constipation. Heck, one cup of beans can have over 10 grams of fiber! It depends on the beans of course, but any type of beans are good, especially black beans!

  1. Raspberries

Raspberries contain a LOT of fiber. In fact, a simple cup of raspberries can equal nearly 10 grams of fiber. That's nearly 50% of your targeted fiber intake in a day through just one cup of food. I highly recommend starting the day off with a cup of raspberries.

  1. Veggies

Veggies in general can contain a lot of fiber. Some of the best vegetables for fiber specifically are broccoli and artichoke. Artichoke alone can have over 10 grams of fiber in just one serving size.

  1. Cereal

Many different types of cereal can contain a lot of fiber. Some cereals will contain more fiber than others, so you need to look closely at the boxes at the supermarket. However, a couple cereals that especially have a lot of fiber are Total and Special K.

  1. Strawberries

A lot of people like strawberries, and how can you not? They are good! They taste even better knowing that they are very healthy for you and contain a high amount of fiber. So next time you go to the supermarket, don't hesitate to buy some strawberries!

I hope you have some ideas as to what you can eat to increase your fiber intake now that you have read this article. Many people find it difficult to increase their fiber intake, however, it's really not difficult once you know the foods to eat. So with that, now you have no excuse to not eat more fiber. Good luck.

Ashley has had a history of dealing with constipation for many years. Earlier this year she decided to create her own Constipation Remedies blog. Through this blog she has researched constipation remedies and posted any information that she learns.

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