3 Effective High Blood Pressure Remedies

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  • Published February 17, 2011
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While there are plenty of effective treatments for high blood pressure, the one that is best for you depends upon a number of factors. You have to consider what's causing your hypertension, and you should find out from your doctor if you have any particular risk factors, such as diabetes or kidney problems. Here are some high blood pressure remedies that you might find helpful in lowering your blood pressure. It is very important to take care of this problem or it can lead to other problems down the line.

Often referred to as CoQ10 is the co-enzyme Q10 which has been proven to be an effective remedy for high blood pressure. Luckily this compound is natural and already exists in your body. However, the natural levels of CoQ10 in your body drop as you get older, which may explain many age related problems, including Alzheimer's and high blood pressure. There is evidence that taking CoQ10 as a supplement can help improve your health and lower your blood pressure. The forms available to take this supplement in vary as do the strengths available. When you purchase your supplements, be sure to find them at a trusted source, since they only work if properly absorbed into the body. Stress reduction and relaxation techniques are also an effective way to help reduce your blood pressure levels. Since stress and negative emotions like anger and anxiety contribute to raising your blood pressure, they can have a large impact on your health. While there are many ways to deal with stress, sometimes the simplest way is to change your habits. If you aren't getting enough sleep, for example, this can lead to stress and many health problems, including high blood pressure. For those with super busy schedules you will want to be intentional about finding time to enjoy your favorite leisure activities as well as time to relax. If you can't control something, like traffic, politics or even other people, then it is a good idea not to let it get to you. There is a definite correlation between your blood pressure levels and your stress levels, so lower your stress, lower your blood pressure.

Garlic is a known remedy for high blood pressure, and it can be taken in many forms. The simplest and most direct way to take garlic is to eat whole cloves of it, but many people don't want to do this. Besides the bad breath, garlic also has a very strong taste. Fortunately, you can find many good garlic supplements that give you the benefits of garlic and hardly and garlic taste. Even though there are few side effects from taking garlic, your doctor can tell you if it will counter any of your prescribed drugs, especially blood thinners. Many benefits exist from natural remedies such as garlic, as well as helping high blood pressure.

To sum up, it is always a good idea to regularly check your blood pressure and to seek medical advice if it is too high. However, natural remedies and a change in your daily routine are often effective in treating the condition. This article has examined some of the proven ways of treating high blood pressure and, sometimes, combining a few of these methods with changes in diet and exercise can be quite effective in helping you with your problem.

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