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  • Author James Hicks
  • Published February 13, 2011
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Team Beachbody are already a very successful company and a leader in the health and fitness market.

They've been building their company and brand for the last 11 years now, and very successfully too. Many folks have benefited from not only their products, but also the community aspect where people can get the help and support they need to make a positive change in their personal fitness. They also promote Tony Horton and his famous P90 workout program.

There are many products available designed to nourish and cleanse the body, there is a lavish line-up and it would take you a while to get through them all.

This company already have a very large advertising campaign in place, they advertise on TV and radio and currently spend nearly $100 million per year! That is a lot of advertising. So one might ask why do they need a network marketing arm?

Of course they will spend far less money in the long haul by having independent distributors promoting the products and earning a commission, it is a healthy addition to their marketing campaign. Team Beachbody have decided to do both though, not only that, but those involved in the business opportunity itself, can actually benefit from the companies own advertising. Signing up to the business plan will give you the title of 'Team Beachbody coach' you are not an actual coach though of course.

Something quite unique to this company and a big plus point is that they may actually assign customers to you for free. With such a large advertising campaign going on, naturally there is a lot of attention surrounding this company and also a large number of new customers and leads coming in on a daily basis. Many of these are being assigned to qualifying coaches in the customers area, so you are effectively getting free leads.

This is actually pretty powerful, when you consider that traditional and network marketing are coming together here in a way that is very favourable for the network marketer.

A binary pay plan is used, these can be very effective in building long term large income, its important you fully understand how they operate, so be sure to look into it so you know how to build it right. The cost to join up is $39.95 at the moment and they do sometimes have special offers on the go where you can sign up for free. You will also be required to pay a fee for maintaining your online marketing system, which is around fifteen dollars a month. Upon joining you will receive your very own internet marketing websites (replicated) and you get a twenty five percent discount on the products, so you can get started immediately and making a profit.

If you want to get into a company that will be around for a while then this company is a safe bet, they are currently entering their second phase of growth and already turning over in excess of $400 million a year.

Sad as it may sound, the truth is that 95% of people who are involved with MLM do not make much, if any money. There are many different reasons for this and most can be avoided. Ensure that you are one of the successful ones!

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