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  • Published February 12, 2011
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If you're suffering from thyroid orbitopathy, the expert guidance y from leading team of qualified doctors in Buenos Aires will soon make you regain your health. This condition is most commonly associated with Graves's disease in adults. Forty percent of patient suffering from this disease can experience ocular manifestations. The eyelid condition is also another byproduct of this ailment which has to be treated.

The Onset Of The Disease

Thyroid orbitopathy results in lid retraction, soft tissue signs, restrictive myopathy, proptosis, lid lag, optic neuropathy and corneal exposure. The disease can progress suddenly or gradually and can have varying degrees of severity in patients. The auto-antibodies which attack the thyroid gland also affect the tissues around the eyes. The eyes become puffy, red and watery resulting in double vision. You can get restricted vision and immediate medical attention should be sought to reduce pressure on the optic nerve, before permanent damage occurs.

Surgery Treatment

If treated correctly the ailment can be cured quickly. Treatment is carried out with anti-thyroid drugs and then followed with surgery or radiotherapy. Eyelid surgery is carried out in the sequence or orbital decompression, surgery to muscles of the eye for double vision and surgery to correct lid position. Lid surgery aims to correct the position of the upper and lower eyelids over the eyes, allowing proper closure. This is done after thyroid orbitopathy has burned itself out. A programme of operations to improve vision is carried out over a period of eighteen months to two year, by expert surgeons in Argentina.

Various Surgical Procedures

Eyelid surgery is carried out for various problems. Since the area is very sensitive and delicate, only highly skilled oculo-facial plastic surgeons are qualified to carry out the surgical procedure. The surgeons carry out procedures for anybody affected with moderate to severe thyroid orbitopathy to reduce inflammation or improve vision. You can depend on highly qualified eye surgeons in Buenos Aires for various eye-surgery procedures.

Anybody who suffers from basal cell tumors in the eyelids or eyelid cancer needs surgery of the eyelid. This highly specialized operation needs the expert guidance of a skilled eye surgeon. The treatment of this type of cancer can involve various procedures including surgery. A surgical oncologist treats the cancer using different types of surgical procedures. Moh's technique is used to remove the tumor after which reconstructive surgery may be required using ocular (eye) reconstructive procedures.

Specialized Surgery

Another kind of surgery involves the eyebrows or forehead lift to improve your facial appearance and reduce signs of ageing. For those who want to remove laughter lines and other signs of aging can go for cosmetic eye surgery and look years younger in a matter of hours. Skilled surgeons can effectively carry out the procedure and give you're the same youthful looks that you once had as a beautiful teenager. Surgery involving the eyes and the surrounding area needs to be carried out by extremely experienced and qualified expert surgeons.

Experienced eye surgeons have the capability to deal with eye diseases including thyroid orbitopathy and various forms of tumors afflicting the eyes. There are expert surgeons who specialize in eyelids, orbit, eyebrows and forehead surgery and will be your best choice for this type of surgery in Argentina. They have recognized certifications and extensive training in this area and you can trust their services for the highly sensitive and delicate area of your body. is the website of Dr Martin H Devoto who specializes in treatment and surgery for thyroid orbitopathy and eyelid cancer. Mr. devoto is a member of Asoprs association.

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