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  • Author Robert Matthews
  • Published February 12, 2011
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Are your articles being read but not converting? The trouble could be your with author bio or resource box. Find out how you can create a resource box that will get people to click your link.

Earning money by writing articles can be a great deal of work so you want your efforts to pay off. It is irritating to understand how to create terrific titles, great summaries and great content articles and consistently not have people clicking on your links. In order to get that all-important click, you have to give your reader a good reason to click. Let's study 3 critical ingredients of a first rate resource box.

1 b) You don't need a bio. Many article directories refer to the resource box as the "bio box." Forget that. Reader's are interested in the information you have to offer. They are not interested in you. If they did, they would have searched for your name. Writing about yourself will only bore them just before have an opportunity to click your hyperlinkaffiliate link. If you give them a whole and start reading about how smart you are and how much experience you have, they sense they've finished all the beneficial info and it is time to leave. Do not write about yourself.

  1. Keep continuity with your article. Create the very last sentence of the article and the first sentence of your resource box so that they flow together. This will keep the reader reading. Do not make it obvious that he's at the end of the article and ought to leave now. It is possible to even create a fairly long resource box that looks like just one more paragraph to your article. The crucial thing will be to make it flow and to not come to an abrupt shift in tone or style between the article and the resource box.

  2. Employ a very definite call to action. Readers have to be told to do what you want them to and it must be very clear. Say, "to know more, click YOURLINK, now!" "For your no cost report, click YOURLINK today!" Tell them what they will get after they click your link and tell them to do it.

When you write an effective resource box, you'll see your click through rate increase dramatically. To learn how to write headlines that grab a readers attention and earn more money, click How to Become a Writer now.

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