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  • Published February 8, 2011
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Natural medicine is an alternative treatment technique that uses natural healing to improve the health of an individual. It has not bloomed yesterday or the day before. It has been practiced as a way of cure for ages and across centuries.

Naturopathy is based on the philosophy of identifying and removing the causes of illness, rather than eliminating or suppressing the symptoms. Naturopathy aims at avoiding surgery and minimizing drugs. Naturopathy has made miracles in the life of many. It has cured acute diseases like asthma, arthritis, diabetics and many that could not be cured by allopathic medicines. Naturopathy increases blood circulation, purifies blood vessels, generates energy, eliminates tiredness, removes pain and reduces the weight of the body. Naturopathy aims at overall relaxation of body and mind. It helps an individual to keep the body fit and free from diseases.

"Health is Wealth". Nobody can deny this fact. An unhealthy man is equivalent to a rotten vegetable. The food that a person consumes is the prime factor that contributes to health. In order to live long and healthy, an individual should be careful in choosing the food that he or she eats daily. Naturopathy believes in curing the ailments by adopting healthy-food practices. A proper diet plan must be followed in order to lead a healthy life. Unnecessary foodstuffs must be avoided. Unhealthy food is nothing but food with high calorie content and fat. Food stuffs such as processed foods, junk foods, aerated drinks and beverages spoil the health and cause complications like diabetes, liver failure, formation of stone in kidney and cancer. A healthy diet plan is nothing but, the list of foodstuffs, to be consumed by an individual, every day, so that, the body gets all the vital nutrients, essential for carrying out the day-to-day activities. A diet plan is used to identify the items suitable for the health and eliminate the unsuitable items from our everyday menu. Naturopathy helps individual to lead a healthy life through healthy habits.

Nowadays, naturopathy is gaining the attention of youngsters. Many students have started pursuing naturopathy as a career. Colleges and universities teach the discipline of naturopathy through designed course wares and classes. Any individual in order to practice natural medicine has to pursue a degree from any of the recognized universities that offer natural medicine.

Naturopaths are professionals who practice natural medicine. They help patients come out of their ailments through natural healing techniques. They examine a patient from the psychological as well as physiological perspective. A naturopath helps a patient to improve his or her food habits and lead a healthy life style. Naturopaths give advice regarding diet plan and eating style of their clients, besides giving fitness training. A healthy food diet plan can be made for anyone. However, there are different types of diet plans. In general, they are categorized for children, adolescents, women, and pregnant women, and breastfeeding women, men below and above a certain age limit. Diet plans do exist for people based on their profession.

Life is too short and, it is our responsibility to enjoy the same. It is essential for every human being to learn, practice and get benefited from the most precious curing therapy of the past, which is none other than, naturopathy.

My wife has back problems and recently visited this naturopath in Adelaide who has helped her a lot. He administered some massage therapies and also gave her somenatural medicines to help alleviate the pain.

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