Tips on How to Treat Acid Refluxes

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  • Published February 11, 2011
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Effective Means of Controlling Acid Refluxes

This article provides guidelines on how to treat acid refluxes. Acid refluxes can be eliminated in many cases. Surgery is the only option in some cases.

Description of The Acid Reflux Condition

In medical jargon, the acid reflux condition is called gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). It is manifested when acidic juices from the stomach rise through the esophagus causing irritations on its lining. Sometimes the acids reach the mouth and make the mouth sour. The burning sensations cause heartburn. However, it is possible to suffer from acid refluxes without necessarily experiencing heartburns.

What Mainly Causes Acid Refluxes?

The stomach utilizes acidic gastric juices during food digestion. There is a muscle that prevents the juices from rising through the esophagus. The muscle is called the lower esophageal sphincter muscle (LES). In some cases the muscle misbehaves and allows the acid to up – this is known as a reflux. When it touches the esophagus lining it causes the heartburn condition. The relaxation of the LES may be caused by several medical disorders such as hiatal hernia. It can also result fromunhealthy lifestyles such as eating a lot.

Main Symptoms of Acid Refluxes

There are several symptoms that are caused by acid refluxes. The most frequent is a sour taste in the mouth. Oftentimes one gets a burning sensation in the the back of the throat and chest. Some people get excessive belching while others may have difficulty in swallowing food as a result of the throat muscles tightening. Sometimes the mouth has a foul smell and the voice is hoarse. Some of these symptoms are very similar to those of a heart attack. One should therefore be careful] and consult a medical practitioner in case it portends a heart attack.

Adjustments In Lifestyle Required To Reduce Acid Reflux Incidence

Some people may be more inclined to suffer from acid refluxes depending on their lifestyles. Lying down just after taking a meal should be avoided. Bending down after meals should also be avoided. Overeating and taking too much salt aggravates the condition.

Foods To Remove From Your Diet

Several foods have been noted as causing or making acid refluxes worse. These include acidic and fatty foods e.g. hamburgers and hotdogs. Citrus fruit juices and alcoholic drinks can be disastrous and therefore should be avoided. Broccoli, onions, brussel sprouts, and spicy foods are also on the no-no list. In addition peppermint, spearmint, chocolates are also culprits. Finally one should avoid all types of pepper i.e. both black and red and not forgetting chili powder.

How To Eliminate Acid Refluxes

Medical surgery is recommended for extreme conditions. Antacids are available for treatment of mild conditions but they are not recommended as they may cause the stomach to produce more acid to compensate for neutralized acid. Natural solutions are recommended as they work better with other body functions. Finally a change in diet and in lifestyle may be necessary in order to avoid foods that exacerbate acid refluxes and habits that aggravate the condition.

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