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  • Author Dr. Don Funke
  • Published February 12, 2011
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Working as a Bozeman Chiropractor for 22 years, I've treated thousands of patients with a vast array of different problems. What I've seen in this time is that some people would respond very well to traditional chiropractic treatments and others wouldn't. This dilemma led me to really question my work as a chiropractor and if I was truly helping people creating sustained wellness and live more pain-free lives.

I believe that in order to be free from always having to "treat" pain, we need to take a holistic look at our lifestyle. Addressing our skeleton is one aspect, but there are so many other areas that effect our health and if we just take a mechanical approach to pain, we won't have sustained results. Pain returns, dis-ease returns and we continue to live with less than optimal energy and vitality.

One of the key steps to wellness is our nutrition. The food that we put into our bodies plays such a large role in how we feel. Everyone has different sensitivities and allergies and we're not all created exactly the same. So you can't just take everyone and put them on some "special" diet. It's important to treat each person as a unique chemical body. This body will react with certain other chemicals differently than others might. The fact that we have these subtle, yet important differences is important to understand and test. Finding out what your body is allergic to and how those allergens effect your body can greatly reduce bodily stress, and hence pain.

Environmental toxins are another component that plays in with our nutrition, as the chemicals and energies we're exposed to interact with our own body's chemistry and alter what is going on inside of us. If we took care of what was going into our body from a nutritional standpoint, yet failed to address toxic exposure, then we would not have as effective results.

Everything from household cleaners, to the air we breathe, to the electromagnetic energy around us effects our health and well-being. By beginning to address all these areas, we in-turn can experience remarkable new levels of energy, vitality, health and wellness and return to living the lives we were designed to live.

Dr. Don is a Bozeman Chiropractor passionate about creating greater health and wellness for others. He continues to share these vital and valuable tips on his website, which can be read at

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