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  • Author Kris Beus
  • Published February 14, 2011
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When you begin your online business there will be loads of doubt in your mind coming at every turn. You will work countless hours just to find that your new blog or website just got banned from Google or the affiliate program your marketing turns out to be a scam. If this happens to you finding the hope and want to move on will become almost impossible, but if you refuse to give up even though you have been knocked back then you will quickly know that no matter what happens nothing will come in between you and your online income. This is where persistence plays a key role in the operation of your business. There will be many times when you may want to give up especially when large amounts of work disappear before your eyes. Personally my first website and two of my top blogs Google completely demolished and I learned quite a few great things from this experience.

The first website I have ever created for my online business was teaching people how to make money online. This was one of the simple get paid to websites you see out across the web which had a main goal of building an income by marketing get paid to programs. After completely screwing up the internet marketing by using black hat programs my first website was kicked off Google’s index which meant I had to either try and get re-indexed or create an entire new website and use whitehat internet marketing. Since the website was still somewhat new not passing the six month mark I created a brand new website and learned the difference between black hat seo and white hat seo. This is crucial for anyone new to the online business or internet marketing world. Research both of these so you know what type of SEO is acceptable by Google and what type of SEO will get you banned.

This is just one example of when it may have been a good time to give up, but persistence to create an online business and earn money kicked in and I was able to overcome the adversity. These types of things will happen to you so one thing I have learned is never place your whole income generation into one platform or domain. There are many ways which you can start spreading out your presence or online business across the web. The first thing that anyone serious about online business needs is a paid platform with unlimited bandwidth and storage. The reason I recommend paying for a domain and space is if you work hard online and come up with new and interesting ideas infamy will closely follow. As you become more noticed by your niche traffic begins to increase and free services really cannot handle large amounts of traffic. Even though paid hosting is a great way to build a presence that can handle large amounts of traffic free services such as,,,, and should also be used. With these you can create small simple web presences which market a specific product or target a long tailed keyword.

My name is Kris Beus webmaster of How To Make Money Online and blogger of this Internet Business Blog.

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