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  • Author Jerry Spangler
  • Published February 10, 2011
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You might wonder what a day in the life of a top internet marketer looks like. I know I do! I recently had the opportunity to interview the #317 Home Business Pro Worldwide who happens to market his products on the internet. Whatever he says, if I wanted to market online, I would listen to very closely. The following are simple, very transparent details on his weekly tasks and we would do well to apply them to our own businesses.

Here is a synopsis of what he said:

"I focus on RPAs (Revenue Producing Activities)."

Here are the RPA's to which he was referring:

  1. Calling every competent-sounding person who leaves me a message.

"I am prepared to have up to one 10 minute conversation with anyone who seems serious and qualified (even if they haven't applied yet). I probably spend an hour a day on the phone with new prospects. Even though I talk to more people now than I used to (up to 10 a day) I have learned to keep the conversations short and to the point. The best sales tactic is acting too busy to talk much, but realistically I AM too busy to talk too much. I would fill my schedule if I were you, so acting isn't necessary."

  1. Making improvements to my "marketing funnel".

"This includes making adjustments to the content of my website, my capture sites, my autoresponder emails, etc. I try to make one significant improvement to my system every week."

  1. Making adjustments to my lead generators or "traffic drivers".

"For the most part this is Google AdWords which means pausing keywords, split testing ads, or occasionally building out new ad groups. Between using Excel spreadsheets with built-in macros and outsourcing any major work I am able to do this in 2-4 hours a week."

  1. Coaching and training my team.

"This is my single biggest time investment now and while I have developed systems for automating a lot of it I don't think I'll ever get to where I never talk to my team. Some top earners do that (never talk to their team) but I think it would be irresponsible and would cost me lost revenue. Helping my team be successful makes me money so I have an incentive to be a good coach.

I probably spend 10 hours a week (about 2 hours a day) on private coaching plus I do up to three 1 hour webinars a week."

So to tally that all up I spend about:

  • 5 hours a week on #1

  • 5 hours a week on #2

  • 4 hours a week on #3

  • 13 hours a week on #4

So that's 27 hours a week to make well upwards of $40K per month. Now those are my earnings, not somebody else's so this isn't meant to be a promise of what anyone else's results will be. But it's what they can be... if they do exactly what I tell them.

One thing I CAN promise is that I have no secret, no magic bullet or special formula. If everyone did what I do then they'd have what I have. Expect to spend never less than 2 hours a day if you want to build to my levels. And you will always need to be learning and improving, not just doing busy work.

Again, keep the focus on RPA's and leverage.

A perfect example of leverage is called "content recycling." I will probably take this interview and tweak it to make into an article I'll post to about 5 different high traffic marketing websites. I'll probably also make it into a blog post that gets syndicated out on Twitter and Facebook automatically through my RSS feed.

If I were smart I'd also go shoot a 5 minute YouTube video called "The 4 Weekly Activities of a Top Internet Marketer". People are so hungry for this stuff and perception is reality. Anyone with confidence and a little info is an instant expert.

Then it becomes self fulfilling and you end up with the big numbers. Just like I have."

I also think it is worth noting that I know this top earner personally, and these hours and tasks are spent when and where he chooses. He designs his career around his lifestyle. The beauty of this business is that we are geographically free to work anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and cell phone service.

So there you have it. The 4 weekly activities of a top internet marketer. To be honest, I plan to duplicate this interview just the way this "Top Dog" suggested. Let's see how many people it can help move to the next level! I love this stuff! Happy marketing!

Jerry Spangler


Jerry Spangler is an expert in helping serious entrepreneurs to build profitable online businesses with multiple incomes streams, has written an insiders look at online marketing, "Internet Secrets." Visit to get your FREE copy for a limited period. You can also find Jerry at .

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