Why did you fail on the Internet with the affiliation?

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  • Author Donald Villeneuve
  • Published February 11, 2011
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To succeed on the Internet, it is obvious that the first thing you must consider is the area where you will experience.

If you have experience selling on the Internet, it is clear that you will seek an affiliation in this field.

If you are good at recruiting but have no experience in membership, it is best for your success to seek advice from the person who suggested that affiliation and what you can withdraw. Otherwise, it is best dropped or training because the affiliation is marketing.

Let me explain:

When you join an affiliate network, you find that you have tools with your affiliate links. It is through these links you will earn commissions.

But to earn commissions, you need to sell (sell virtual products often as ebooks, software, etc ....)

To sell and earn commissions, it is preferable to know the product, it is logical to try it yourself. It is easier to convince people and have a better chance of selling if you know the product.

See an example:

If you work in the automotive field, you will convince people by your experience so you sell more easily than if you try to convince people with no knowledge in the field of cars, in which case you will more difficult to sell.

In the affiliation, the same thing you must know your product before promoting. Knowing the product you are more convincing then necessarily you will sell.

The errors for which you can succeed

Often, you receive messages in your mail box that prompts you to enjoy a new affiliation. As it is new, you go ahead, hoping to be the first and so you can compile a list of contacts or leads that will save you money. Know that this is false. That would be too easy and everybody would be rich because all these affiliations have a product to sell and those are sales that will save you money.

Quite often in affiliations, we offer you links to banners, emails any facts, articles prepared with your links inserted. Obviously it's easier because you have nothing to do other than copy and paste it all and make it an epidemic of mail over the net.

But frankly this is what helps you find the products you are trying to sell? No! You try to make money without knowing the product and you can not do as you say "this is a scam most" and you go looking for another affiliate. I know my mistakes by past experience, because I too went through there. It was in 2006, at the very beginning that I was on the net. Since I studied and put into practice my knowledge and for two years now, I earn money by two affiliations that I have chosen and tested to work on the Internet.

I can finally say that yes, the Internet, there are ways to make money, but for that you have to pick and work in the domain that fits us.

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