Are You Acting Out Grief Through Your Money?

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  • Author Zach Miller
  • Published February 24, 2011
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There is growing awareness in our societies of how people act out their emotions in different ways. Some from overeating, some through addictive habits such as gambling or drugs.

But did you know one very common way that people act out their emotions is through money?

Many people act out "negative" emotions such as anger or frustration or sadness or grief with money. It's amazing though how many folks, even those involved in the personal development world for years, are often surprised when I tell them to.

"What do you mean I'm acting out my emotions through money?"

I tell them that it's usually not conscious, in other words they're usually not aware of what they're doing. But often our habits and feelings around money are a way that we express feelings from the past that are not resolved.

One such emotion I see over and over is grief or another way to say this is the sense of loss.

When you experience loss in your life such as a death of a loved one, a divorce, or even through a change of life status such as retirement or ending a career or closing of a business there also comes a set of emotions.

Unfortunately in our cultures we don't often do a very good job in expressing grief and acknowledging these emotions.

And as you've heard me say many, many times before emotions that are not expressed will be played out in other ways. We will attract to our life situations and conditions that have us act out these unexpressed emotions until they are resolved. Or as I like to say until they are "metabolized" or another way to say it is until they are processed.

For example, if someone has experienced loss at an early age such as the death of a parent I have often seen they can play out this loss in their finances: the feeling that they're being underpaid, a sudden loss of a job of feeling no matter how hard they work they don't have enough money are all expressing the feelings of loss and not having enough.

When I first led the research program Financial Success with EFT I clearly saw this as all of us have experienced loss at one time or another.

Let me share here a quick tapping script that you can use and begin to live fully in the present and begin to have a positive relationship with yourself and with money.


I might be acting out painful emotions through my money, and I'm not even aware of it...I accept myself and who I am right now


It feels like I never have enough and sometimes it feels like I am not supported in my life, what does this have to do with not having enough money? I accept all sides of me and him open to change


I don't understand how I could be losing money on purpose or continually creating circumstances where I don't have enough... am I acting out something from childhood? I appreciate who I am and tapping on this now

Reminder phrase:

Acting out painful emotions

what does money have to do with this?

I wish I didn't have to think about money

sometimes I wish I didn't have to feel painful emotions

not having enough

sometimes I don't feel I have enough support in

I feel like I don't have enough money

I feel like I don't have enough people

what if I can change my relationship to myself and money

I'm tapping on the feelings that I suppressed and might be acting out in my finances

Although this might be a new concept for you and it might sound crazy I encourage you to be open to the possibility that if you are not having enough or if you feel frustrated when it comes to your finances there is a very good chance you're acting out past painful experiences and unexpressed emotions directly through your money.

The good news is with tapping you can release your old patterns.

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