The Twin That Vanished

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  • Author Zach Miller
  • Published February 18, 2011
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To me, one of the most exciting things about being an EFT Practitioner is the frequency of extraordinary emotional excursions that take place outside of our usual one dimensional realm. This is a story about fetal emotions that lay behind a prenatal trauma, and the effects that spilled over into the early childhood of a young boy in Texas.

While at my aunt and uncle's lovely 50th anniversary party in El Paso, Texas, I was introduced to a very nice young couple who heard that I was doing some type of energy work. They wondered if I could possibly help their young son who was an enigma to everyone, and of great concern to both of them.

Enrique and Anita are busy young married professionals in El Paso, who like many other couples their age try hard to balance both family and careers respectively. Although we were at a party, they wanted to know more about EFT. Since my time in Texas was limited, I invited them to a quick trial run of what it looked like, and how it felt, while enforcing the fact that this demonstration was not meant as a parlor trick, but for a possible session later in the week before I left. They quickly agreed, and off we went to my uncle's private office with the child in question. Prior to our meeting I had only heard second hand that their son, Esteban, had a history of regressing drastically after having his six-months round of vaccinations. Little did I know what was about to unfold with the rest of his story.

Three years ago Christmas Eve, Anita fell ill, and remained so even after she was pronounced pregnant with maternal twins by her obstetrician six days later. Sonogram results showed two separate placentas. One fetus, a boy, was thriving, while the other, a girl, appeared much smaller in comparison, and was no longer alive. The clinical name for this type of twin fetal presentation is called the "Vanishing Twin Syndrome". Already having two other young children, Andrea and Diego, and in spite of the fact that one of the fetuses didn't survive, Anita and Enrique were nevertheless grateful for their remaining gift of life. With that in mind, Anita reports not having been emotional about the loss of the infant whatsoever, and took it all in stride. But physically, she spent the next four months relentlessly nauseated without reprieve, unable to tolerate even the most benign scent without an extreme hypersensitive reaction.

Although he tried to come earlier, Esteban was delivered at 33 weeks. He weighed in at only 4 pounds, apparently malnourished per the size of his diminished umbilical cord.

Before long he was finally able to leave the neonatal unit and was brought home to his family. For the next six months everyone enjoyed the peaceful, happy infant who slept throughout the night without disruption. And then things changed drastically.

Upon the introduction of his six-months round of vaccinations, Esteban ran a fever for approximately six days duration. When his parents questioned the Pediatrician about the prolonged fever, his reply was the fever was just "coincidental" and the he was just "fighting a virus", and denied any wrong doing for having administered the shots. However, according to both Anita and Enrique, things were never the same again.

After the fever finally subsided, Esteban changed into a very moody, irritable, and difficult baby, waking up three to four times a night crying inconsolably. As he grew older (1-2yrs) he threw temper tantrums so frequently, and so out of control, that his exasperated parents would stand in a cold shower with him fully clothed in an attempt to quickly shock him out of it.

It was also around this time that his parents noticed his extreme discomfort in large crowds where it was noisy, bright, and filled with movement that he couldn't control. Whether he was out with his family socially, or if he awoke to a visiting houseguest after napping, the slightest change in his immediate environment would be enough to make him behave hysterically.

Not only did Esteban become "over-stimulated" when he was around other children, he was also angered by their unwanted attention. This reaction proved to be an especially daunting behavioral pattern while attending his mother in picking up the older children from school. Anita noticed too that he displayed a great deal of anger and hostility toward his older brother, Diego, and father Enrique. This was made clearly evident if Enrique would attempt to display affection toward him, touch, or even look at him. In fact, the only time that Enrique got a kiss from his little son was when he was leaving to go to work, and that was only because he was visibly happy anticipating his leaving!

Esteban will be three years of age this July, but only began speaking within the last six months. When Anita told the Pediatrician that she suspected he was autistic, he was decidedly non-committal; however; he did assigned Esteban to Early Childhood Intervention caseworkers, and wrote a prescription for Occupational Therapy to assist in dealing with his difficulty in interpersonal relationships, or, as he referred to them, "sensory issues".

In essence, what seemed like another sad example of the effects of childhood vaccinations that we chiropractors have seen, documented, and rallied against time and again, the difference was the overlooked additional layer. The "pink elephant" in the room no one was talking about was the fact that Esteban began his life in the comfort of his twin sister's presence, felt her die, and had to accommodate to her stillness until he was delivered. Then never saw her again. Other than to Esteban, the emotional trauma was only apparent to me, and played down by everyone, including his parents, who were just grateful that he survived at all.

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