Your First Dallas Apartment: The Basics

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  • Author Richard Soto
  • Published February 18, 2011
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The Dallas apartment rental market 2011 is once again showing signs of growth as more individuals shy away from the home buying process and instead opt for renting. If you are looking to enter the Dallas apartment rental market 2011 for the first time, you will want to consider the process for renting Dallas and Victory Park apartments, from beginning to end:

• Get the facts on the apartment in which you are interested before you even view the apartment or begin the application process. For example, you may want to ask about the apartment’s lease terms, particularly if you know you won’t be able to remain there for an entire year. Another big deal breaker when it comes to the Dallas apartment rental market 2011 is pets; therefore, if you’re looking for Dallas apartments for rent and you have a furry little friend, you will want to narrow down your options immediately to only those apartments that accept pets.

• Make location your number-one priority. It is quite common for renters to see a Dallas apartment, fall in love with it, and then regret it later because of its less-than-ideal location. Your best rule of thumb should be to narrow down your options in terms of location and then begin your search from there.

• Before applying for the lease, ask the landlord about credit qualifications, especially if you have a checkered credit past. It just doesn’t make sense to waste your time looking at a particular Dallas apartment if you know they demand high credit scores from their renters.

• Once you have completed the application, and have been approved, take a walk through the apartment with the landlord or property manager and make sure it is in the condition you expect. If there is any existing damage, ask the property manager to repair it before signing the lease. If the damage exists, but it will not be fixed, make sure it is noted in the rental agreement so the landlord can’t come back and say the damage was caused by you.

• Don’t sign the lease without reading it. Simply put, regardless of what the property manager tells you, if it isn’t contained in the lease it won’t be considered in a legal proceeding. It is therefore extremely important to thoroughly read a lease agreement. If you don’t understand something, ask the property manager to explain it to you, and never sign a lease agreement until you and the property manager or landlord have agreed on all aspects of your lease. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate what you want, as many landlords are willing to consider your requests.

• Before committing to a Dallas apartment in the Dallas apartment rental market 2011, think seriously about renter’s insurance. A good resource for finding affordable renter’s insurance is through your automotive insurance company. Many times you will receive a discount because you have an existing policy through the company. Renter’s insurance is inexpensive, yet quite practical, as it can protect you from theft, natural disaster and liability, among other things.

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