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  • Author James Hicks
  • Published February 15, 2011
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GNLD's mission statement is to enhance the lives of others through their wide range of products. This company was the idea of Jerry Brassfield and he founded it around 50 years ago. He suffered from various allergies and severe asthma difficulties from a young age. His mother started adding various nutrients and minerals to his diet on a regular basis and they found that his condition improved significantly. This lead him to looking further into such products and in his late teens he formulated a business idea to share such products with others

In case you hadn't guessed GNLD is indeed a health and wellness company. You should be aware that some would say this particular niche was already saturated, either way you need to be prepared for some fierce competition. I have had the pleasure of sampling some of this company's products. They are indeed good, although maybe a little 'run of the mill'. There is no doubt though that they are, and will continue to be a very successful company. Over the last 50 years they have become an international force to be reckoned with, turning over millions of dollars each year and with goals to reach a billion dollars!

You will find a large range of products available to you as a customer and seller. They have a large tablet range for supplementing the body, there are shakes also as you would expect. Plus weight loss and dieting products along with skin care. Plus they also do household cleaning products. Everything is designed to be environmentally friendly.

A search on the Better Business Bureau, reveals that GNLD get an A+ and an Accredited Business stamp, so it's safe to say they are not a scam!

How you will earn from GNLD

I looked on their main website but struggled to find much information about how much it is to actually join up. If you do a little more research on Google you will be able to find a PDF of the compensation plan to download. To get started as a distributor will cost $49, or you can go for the pro-starter kit for $99. This isn't a bad price for starting up, although obviously you have product volume targets to hit in order to maximise your profits.

There are several levels of achievement within the company, the top being Diamond. As with most companies there are many bonuses to be had, like a car bonus, holidays, cash prizes, leadership pools, sales volume achievement bonuses and the like. More bonuses open up the higher up the pay scale you climb

Everything seems fairly basic with this company, there are no hyped up websites to lure you in (not that I've seen anyway). As far as training goes, it's pretty basic, share the products with as many people as possible and use them yourself as well. This is the basis on which network marketing works, but often people don't know enough QUALIFIED people to present the opportunity to.

We all know that MLM is a numbers game and you need to get a lot of no's before someone says yes! and joins up. How many leads a day are you getting right now? How many leads can you get in 1 day? 10, 20, 30, 40? This is the first thing you need to get sorted. Once you are getting a decent number of leads each day or week then you can really start to grow your business, particularly if you use an attraction marketing system. Professional marketers automatically get rid of titre kickers and have prospects approaching them to join their business, they also know how to make money from people that don't even join their main business.

This GNLD mlm overview was authored by James T Hicks. Wish for more leads and cash flow in your Multilevel marketing business? Find out the secrets of the pro's in this absolutely free mlm training video boot camp.

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