Crucial Strategies For Finding A Network Marketing Business

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  • Author James Hicks
  • Published February 15, 2011
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It can be a real minefield when you're looking for a good network marketing company to join.

Naturally every company you research will probably tell you that they are the best one to join, and that you will make a shed load of money. But there are a few things to consider before you actually join which I shall be detailing for you today.

  1. Many people will join an MLM company as a result of a company presentation, whether it be a live meeting in person, telephone conference call, online webinar, or even a 1 to 1 or house party. A lot of people are moved to sign the dotted line based on emotional decisions. They are geared up and excited from the presentation they have just seen and are ready to take their future into their own hands. Any good sales person knows that as humans we rarely buy on just logical decisions. It's probably worth though teaching yourself not to be impulsive when attending such events. You will ensure you don't do something that you later regret.

  2. Next look at the products the company are selling, are there actually proper products in place? If there is no actual genuine product then I'd steer clear, chances are your being suckered into some illegal pyramid or matrix scheme. Assuming that there is a product, is it any good? Are there any reviews about it? Is it unique in anyway? Everyone will have noticed I'm sure that there is heavy competition in the MLM industry. This is especially true of the health & nutrition market, you really do need a product with something special about it in order to stand out from the crowd.

  3. Who is running the company? It's always worth checking out what their experience is and the success or failure of previous ventures. If you want to check a little deeper then go to the BBB website (Better Business Bureau), details of complaints against companies are kept there, they also give the company a rating which can help determine, the kind of outfit you will be dealing with. Carefully investigating any deal you join can save you from losing credibility in the industry. If you have, or are building a following in the marketplace then you don't want to tarnish it by promoting something that's questionable.

  4. You need to be fully aware of the comp plan and how much and for what it will pay you. Many MLM companies will require you to have certain volumes of product sales in your downline, and also personally to qualify for certain payments and bonuses. Depending on the type of compensation plan they are using, it could take a while to fully grasp how it works. Just get full details of it and have it explained to you by someone in the company if needed Check how much it is to sign up to be a distributor, there is often a fee to pay and sometimes you will have to pay monthly fees for your back office system (usually if you have a website system provided).

  5. Who will you choose as your sponsor/mentor? Finding the right sponsor can be very important and a critical factor determining if you are successful or not. Some sponsors will go to great lengths to recruit you but then after the sales is made may not actually deliver on their training and support promises, it can happen so just be smart about things. Try and speak to your proposed sponsor before signing up, you want to work with someone that you connect well with (especially if it's a high ticket business!).

Those are my brief tips for today my friends when looking at MLM companies; I hope they help you in your quest for finding that perfect MLM business.

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