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  • Author James Hicks
  • Published February 15, 2011
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Did you know that you can actually get concentrated Oxygen in a can and then sell it within a Network Marketing business model? Well you can with Oxygen4Energy who are based in Lake Forest, California.

It's maybe strange, but definitely intriguing. This company have developed an aerosol type can that contains oxygen enriched air, it has no harsh chemicals with it and is diluted with ambient air to make it safe for human use. By keeping a can with you at all times you will never be short of pure air when you need it! These are being sold by the company through an MLM business model.

Inhaling enriched oxygen can have several benefits for us as humans, some of the uses recommended for this product are better sports performance, increased health and vitality, for seniors, curing hangovers and if at altitude.

Will this product be popular? Well only time will tell. Right now the company is just coming out of its pre launch phase so now might be a good time to get involved if you are going to.

This product is very popular with some (quite a few actually) athletes, who are using the product. There are video testimonials from most of the athletes on the company's website. So already this product has got some good credibility.

How much does this air cost? Well its cheaper if you buy in bulk then it will be just over 6 bucks a can and just under 10 bucks bought in a four pack, I suppose if this is really a good supplement then the price isn't too bad. The more sporty people of our society maybe more attracted to this product rather than your average man or woman, but only time will tell.

The business opportunity

You are able to sign up as a distributor for free right now, if you are buying some product also. This company operates on a unilevel pay plan which pays down five levels deep for Gold achievement or more. As a reward for reaching the higher levels of Platinum or Diamond you will be paid an additional infinity bonus which can be extremely lucrative. You can also purchase product for personal use or resale for up to 49% off the recommended retail price. This is a good comp plan and fairly simple, that has a good potential for those who can build a big enough organisation.

Oxygen4Energy will also give you an online website system that you can use to promote the products and business opportunity. They will pay up to 20% on referred website sales.

This company will give you some basic training on network marketing, but you will get the best results if you educate yourself on 'Attraction Marketing'

Oxygen4Energy contains the possibility to be a profitable company. Subscribe to your free of cost Network Marketing training immediately on my blog.

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