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  • Author James Hicks
  • Published February 19, 2011
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In today's market there really are so many different companies in the health & nutrition niche it's a real task to know who to turn to. The only way to fight through the forest and rise above the noise is to have a unique selling point that no one else can match. Livethesource have attempted to do that with their products.

This company is growing quite fast and gaining momentum. You will find their HQ in Florida and at the head of the company is founder Ted Farnsworth. Ted has had many dealings previously with the creation and marketing of top class anti oxidant products. Also in the management team are Jerry Rayman & Greg Barna, both who have very impressive and extensive experience in similar industries. Right now they only do business in the US & Canada, so anyone from outside those areas won't be able to join up right now.

One always needs to be careful in the health & nutrition industry, there are so many companies and brands competing for your business, some are not up to the expected quality standards. There is no reason to question the quality of Livethesource products, they seem to be getting positive reviews on a large scale.

They have a couple of products which differentiate them from the crowd, the 1st one being called Daily Source. I guess you could say this was their main product. It a supplement designed to help the body function at its optimum performance, it's a multi vitamin composition containing essential minerals and herbs. A unique selling point to this product is the fact that is make use of nanotechnology. The use of this technology makes their product superior in that all the vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body much faster and more thoroughly, because the particles in the liquid are microscopic in size.

The blood sugar levels of diabetics has been claimed to become stabilized as a result of the use of Daily Source. Some people say that it can upset the stomach so it's best to take it with a meal or just after.

The 2nd particularly intriguing product is their Symbiotic Diet system, this is supposed to help you diet by reducing cravings for food, its also said to boost your brain performance and generally make you feel on top of the world! There have been over 20 clinical trials carried out on the product so far and more than 40 years of research have gone into it. You should be able to leverage off of these unique aspects to the product when marketing it.

How will you earn from this company?

This company works on a uni level compensation plan, these can be very lucrative for someone who is good at building a team. Your first impression may not be that great when you learn that the comp plan only pays to 4 levels. There is a generational bonus which will more than compensate for those that really take this business seriously, you will be able to earn commission from much deeper down the chain of your organization. In total you can earn 6 generations, which can mean you can be paid to unlimited depths which is very powerful.

Other bonuses you can benefit from are the coveted Ambassador bonus, plus there is a car bonus for those who reach Gold and above in the pay plan. There are other incentives also such as holidays and retreats to tempting locations.

Can I be successful with Livethesource?

It's very possible yes.

It's important though that you know how to market properly and in a way that brands you as a leader and makes people want to work with you. You should also have a system in place that is generating you 30 or more leads each day for your business. It's also a good idea to leverage the power of the internet.

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