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  • Published February 22, 2011
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What this means for companies is that their focus not does not rest on getting information to make decisions but instead on managing data in an efficient manner. The efficient management of information has direct repercussions on the financial and physical performance of a company. This is why business segments such as employee health require dedicated programs and software. Amongst the variety of employee health programs available in the market, one of the most highly respected and comprehensive software packages is produced by Medgate. The following are small descriptions of the sub modules that you will be able to make use of if you get Medgate's Occupational Health Software.

1.  Audiometric testing:

Certain occupations may require testing of an emloyee's hearing capability and this is checked via audiometers. Your Medgate occupational health software would be able to capture the detailed information directly from audiometers for better data input and record keeping.

2.  Case management:

The medical leave provided by different organizations often turns out to be a bone of contention between employees and employers. This is where the case management module of this software suite can help. This disability case management module is capable of storing extremely specific details in an organized and meticulous manner.

3.  Clinic visits:

As the name suggests, the clinic visits module would be able to monitor the visits of your employees to health centers in terms of elaborate descriptions of both the medical condition of the employee and the medical procedure used. 4.  Pulmonary function testing:

This module is a storehouse for the results of the pulmonary function tests. Also included in the software in a separate module is the ability to store chest X-rays. This information can either be fed into the software manually or through direct interface with the testing machine.

5.  Medical chart:

The medical chart is where all the information from the different Medgate health software modules is collated and presented for easy comprehension by the viewer. The compilation is especially helpful in situations that demand a quick overview.

6.  Questionnaire:

Apart from the actual data management, sometimes an employer may need a review of the health care situation amongst his employees by way of elaborate surveys or questionnaires. The questionnaire module of the Medgate employee health software suite allows you to create such questionnaires in the most convenient manner. You can add fields as and when you like, use the fields for any kind of value you like, make as many questionnaires as you wish and also create headers and footers where required.

The Medgate employee health software suite has many more modules, other than the six mentioned above. Other modules that you will find in your package would be the clinical testing module, the immunization or inventory module, the surveillance recalls module and the vision testing module. Therefore, regardless of the exact particulars of your employee health management requirements, you are bound to find this suite helpful.

Medgate is the global leader in occupational health and safety software. Our Occupational Health, Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental products have the most comprehensive functionality and user-friendly design in the market.

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