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  • Author Kathryn Dawson
  • Published February 25, 2011
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Have you ever heard of a refractive lens exchange? This is when the lens of the eye is removed during a procedure and replaced with a new, artificial one. The artificial lens that is brought in is customised to the person's requirements - this means that if a person was previously long sighted this is corrected. Similarly if a person suffered from myopia (short sightedness) then this too can be fixed. In the past anyone who was either long or short sighted had little hope of every correcting this problem. The only option was really to wear glasses. This has now changed and with a refractive lens exchange a person's sight can be improved dramatically.

As well as being able to remove problems caused by long and short sight, a refractive lens exchange can also solve the problem of cataracts. As we age the lens in the eye can harden. Sometimes it can go a little cloudy too which can affect eyesight. This type of condition is known as a cataract. It is a very common condition that the elderly suffer from. A refractive lens exchange can ensure this problem is put right. The results are instantaneous too. If the sight is bad due to a lens that has degenerated over time then as soon as it is replaced with a new one, the sight returns to normal. Millions of people all over the world have enjoyed the benefits of a refractive lens exchange. Not only is the cataract problem fixed, but it is fixed for good because it is impossible for the artificial lens to degenerate in the same way.

There are other types of surgery that can be undertaken by people suffering from eye problems and diseases. Laser eye surgery also works very well to correct serious problems with the eyes. During laser surgery, an incision is made in the cornea and a flap lifted. Lasers are then used on the stroma part of the eye to realign it as necessary. Laser surgery can also be used to relieve pressure built up due to the inability of fluid to flow freely around the eye. This condition is known as glaucoma. It can also stop blood vessels from leaking which can lead to the retina from detaching and cause eventual blindness. This happens when a person suffers from wet age-related macular degeneration.

If you think that you may be suffering from a condition of the eye then the best course of action is to visit your nearest eye hospital. Keeping your eyes strong and healthy and free from problems is very important as life with impaired sight can be difficult. You should eat a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables as well as keep your body healthy through exercise. If you have a healthy body then you are more likely to have healthy eyes. Regular check ups are a very good idea, even if you believe your eyes are in perfect condition. Like many illnesses, catching an eye problem early leads to the greatest chance of successful treatment.

Some conditions can be helped with laser eye surgery and prevented from worsening certainly, but when eye sight has been lost already it often cannot be brought back. This is not the case with a refractive lens exchange however. If there is a problem with the lens that has led to blindness, as soon as the lens has been replaced the sight is restored immediately.

A refractive lens exchange is suitable for anyone suffering from cataracts or another problem caused by the lens of the eye. It is quick, painless and can restore sight instantly. Laser eye treatment is also available for a host of other conditions including those involving a macular hole, a detached retina and more.

Kathryn Dawson writes for Immaculate about a company offering laser eye treatment and refractive lens exchange around the UK.

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