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The need for drug testing is increasing with the number of drug abusers increasing day by day. Drug testing became very common and has its own importance in fields like law enforcement, sports, etc. Nowadays, drug testing is also used at workplaces to identify the drug abusing prospective and current employees. Many schools and homes are also using drug testing methods to detect child drug abuse habits.

Common methods of drug testing:

The method of drug testing varies based on the samples taken to conduct the test. Most commonly used samples are urine, blood, saliva, hair, breath and sweat. The method of analyzing the sample varies accordingly. As per the convenience of the individual, the sample is collected and the test is done. Here we will briefly discuss about each drug testing method.

Urine test:

This is most common type of drug screening. It is very inexpensive compared to all the other drug testing methods. Urine tests using the drug testing kits available today in the market are extremely easy to use. They provide accurate and reliable results within minutes. However, the sample collection process is considered to be invasive in few instances.

Saliva test:

This is the most convenient type of drug testing method as the sample is easily collected without any discomfort. This method is less expensive and is mostly preferred for instant checks, especially in offices, as it has no issues of offensiveness. It can be conducted on-site or off-site. The results are very accurate and reliable as adulterating the sample is almost impossible. The results obtained by this method are faster.

Blood test:

It is the most accurate and highly reliable among the other methods. It is a bit expensive. The amount of drug intake can also be known by this method. This test is to be done by a qualified technician as one has to take care while collecting the sample. It is used to know the drug use over a certain period of time.

Hair test:

Hair test is a highly reliable method. The sample requires around 100 strands of hair from the donor. The main advantage of this test is that, even minute amounts of drugs can also be traced even after a long period, as much as 90 days, of drug abuse. It is also impossible to adulterate the sample. Sample can be collected from any part of the body, apart from scalp. However, it is very expensive compared to other methods.

Breath test:

Breath test is conducted mostly for alcohol detection. Breathalyzers are used in this method. They give accurate and instant results. There is no need to collect any specimen in this method. They are ideal for using outdoors, at homes, offices and schools.

Recently many varieties of drug testing kits have come into the market, which are helpful in drug testing. They are capable of giving results accurately and within 5 to 10 min. These drug kits can be used by any one at any place. No need of a laboratory or a technician to conduct these tests. These kits are in great demand.

According to the requirement and convenience, any of the above drug testing methods can be conducted using relevant drug testing kit. The above methods are designed keeping in view the easy access of results. These methods are very productive and efficient and hence have gained wide popularity.

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