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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published March 6, 2011
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To attract clients and become a successful life coach depends mostly on the amount of personal power you have. No personal power equals no clients and no income. Attracting clients is NOT based upon what you know, your experience, your credentials, your certifications, your knowledge, your integrity or how right you are. Attracting clients is based upon your inner power, not much else.

You’ve probably noticed people much dumber than you who are much more successful. You’ve noticed people who know less than you, who have much less integrity, who don’t care for people like you do who are much more successful, have more clients, and are much more powerful than you. Again, it all has to do with personal power.

Personal power has nothing to do with being right or wrong or having integrity. Otherwise, people with no integrity wouldn’t have any money. When a train and a car collide, the train wins. Why? Not because the train is right. Not because the train knows more, has more experience or is better qualified. The train wins because it has more power. Period. Barack Obama attracts millions of people to vote for him and follow him not because he is right or wrong, not because he is Democrat or Republican and not because of any other reason than the amount of personal power he has. If there was anyone else up there claiming the message of hope and change, nobody would follow them. Obama says it and everyone follows him. With men of that power, it doesn’t matter what they say, people follow in mass. Power is influence. Power attracts people. Power attracts clients.

Personal power is based upon the amount of individual units of energy you have, which is based upon your own conviction of who you are, what you’re up to and what you stand for. Again, it’s not about being right or wrong because many people with personal power could be right or wrong. Take an issue like abortion. There are lots of people on both sides of that issue that wield a lot of power. And that power is based upon their own conviction. There are two opposing sides. So their power can’t be based upon being right, but on their own internal convictions.

The biggest killer of personal power is your uncertainty in who you are and the stand that you have. The biggest killer of power is fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of not being worthy. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. These are all fears that cause you to not know who you are or what you stand for.

If you’re not attracting clients and you don’t have as much power as you like, there are five steps you must practice over and over to cultivate the personal power you want. The first step is commitment. You must be absolutely committed and absolutely certain of who you are and what you are up to. You must be committed in the face of all fear that is present. And you have the power to do so already.

The second step is mastering fear. Fear is what inhibits you, so you must transform fear. There are many ways to transform fear, but it will happen mostly through your commitment to do it. The third step is to take action, consistent action. Action is one of the biggest killers of fear. Fear builds up in the vacuum of no action. Fear disappears AFTER the action is taken.

The fourth step is to make a stand. You must claim the space of being a life coach. It doesn’t matter what stand you take. Pro-life. Pro-choice. Being a life coach. Being a juggler. But you are committed with your blood about your convictions. You would die for your convictions. Nobody in the world could knock you from who you are, what you’re up to and what you stand for. Fear is no match for your convictions. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you’re right. You just have to make a stand for something. It really doesn’t matter what it is, but you have to be convicted about it.

The last step is to get some wins. Wins increase your belief and convictions. If you do the first four steps, you’ll get plenty of wins. These steps take time to master and to cultivate. You have to be committed to the cultivation of personal power. But if you are committed, you can learn to be like George McFly and knock out Biff with a single punch, even if you previously had no personal power, just like George McFly.

To attract clients and become build a successful life coaching practice, focus first on increasing your own inner personal power. Focus on transforming your fears. Focus on making a stand for something. And keep doing it over. If you follow these steps, you will cultivate your personal power and learn to attract clients in your business.

Jason Westlake is a life coach who shows other coaches how to attract clients. The 3 absolutely critical foundations to building a successful life coaching practice are available at: Learn about doubling your profits at

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