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  • Author Yvonne Elsom
  • Published February 23, 2011
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Working from home is such a challenging and rewarding opportunity. It does allow you to be there in serious situations as well as capture moments with your children as they grow and develop. There are some tricks to being able to work from home that you have to incorporate in order to be a success.

When you decide to work from home, you must be committed. In that commitment, there is a need to organize your time and schedule so that you can actually be productive. The family members need to understand that your time is important and if you have a deadline on a project, there has to be definite restriction to access in place. This may sound a little less nurturing that you are used to.

However, it is so important to set up strategies for success for working from home.

Family members, spouses and children, tend to take for granted that access to Mom is a given. No matter what Mom may be doing, they can interrupt and sometimes it is not an earth-shattering situation. Define what time is required for the work that you do and projects that correspond to that work. Even checking your emails on a regular basis may be part of the work that you need to do. Have a specific time set apart for checking the emails.

If you need to get kids off to school at a certain time, then set up your schedule so that you can have as few distractions as possible. Outline your day from the time you get up until after supper and homework. Put work in specific time slots to keep you focused and productive.

When you are married and have children, it is important as well to make sure you keep your relationship with your spouse in tact. That means also having special times for them as well. Consider the fact that you will have to have a time slot for everything.

You can determine a free day so that monotony and routine is not allowed to sabotage any creativity. However, the time frames allotted for accomplishing your goals and objectives for each day is critical. It cannot be overemphasized in the grand scheme of things because before you know it, you get backed up in every area, from the housework to the work projects.

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