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If you have never bought from an online Canadian pharmacy before, there are probably a variety of reasons for this. Perhaps you have questions that have not been answered satisfactorily so far. Maybe you are concerned about the security of the whole process. In what follows we will provide more information about the whole system to put your mind at ease.

The Prescription

To start off with you will need a prescription from a licensed doctor in your home country. Never buy from an online pharmacy that offers to sell you prescription medicine without a valid doctor's prescription. Their ethical standards are questionable and you have no guarantee that the products they sell will be of high quality.

The Selection of a Pharmacy

If you want peace of mind when buying from a Canadian pharmacy on the web, find one that is a member of CIPA – the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. They have very strict guidelines for their members and you can be sure that you are buying a quality product and will receive professional service.

There are many CIPA members on the web and they don't all sell the same range of products or charge the same prices. Before you order it is wise to compare the prices of a couple of online pharmacies to make sure you get the best possible deal

The Order Process

Most online pharmacies have a toll free phone number which you can use to place your order. You will have to provide your credit card information and, if it is the first time you buy from that particular pharmacy, you will also have to fill out a medical history form in which you provide information about any diseases you suffer from and medications you are taking. You will also have to fax your prescription to the company. In most cases the original prescription must be sent by mail to their offices.

The Delivery Process

Most of the large online Canadian pharmacies have a qualified doctor on their staff who will first check your medical history and your prescription before they approve the order. Once this has been taken care of and your payment has been cleared, your medication will be sent off within a day or two.

Many online pharmacies use the normal postal service to deliver your order. Some use courier services, which are a good option if you have an urgent order. In this case the delivery charges will normally be higher than with ordinary mail.

When Something Goes Wrong

If your order gets lost on the way to you, most online pharmacies will replace it free of charge, because they have insurance to cover this eventuality. Before buying from an online pharmacy, study their Frequently Asked Questions to make sure that is the case. If you, for example, provide an incorrect shipping address, the pharmacy will understandably hold you responsible for the cost of the replacement order. Should the products arrive in a damaged condition, you also have the right to request a replacement order free of charge.

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