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Hi, I am Dr. Matouk my first name is Monif. My practice is True Care Foot and Ankle located near TInely park Illinois. I am glad to have the opportunity to speak with you today. I have really special to offer you but first I’d like to tell you a little bit about my practice.

Frequently Asked Question 4:

What treatments are available for heel pain?

The treatments available for heel pain vary depending on the degree of heel pain and the pathology present or the cause of the heel pain.

The most conservative treatments are changes in shoe gear, having patients wear more appropriate shoes that have a better arch support, also asking the patients not to walk barefoot or in flat house slippers or in low arch shoes.

These often can resolve the majority of the pain with the heel. In addition to that most of the time the patient is asked to do stretching exercises which stretch the plantar ligament or the plantar fascia and cause it to become more elastic and more tolerant to strain and more tolerant to stretching.

In some cases anti-inflammatory medication or cortizone injections into the heel are also very helpful. Another very helpful and important method is to form a special inserts or orthotics that control the degree of rotation of the heel and cause the heel to become more stable also to pad the heel and cushion it and also to cause the arch to become more stable and more supported and these are often very successful treatment.

In some very rare cases conservative measures fail and we have to do a surgical procedure called a plantar fasciotomy which may or may not include removal of the heel spur and the fasciotomy involves basically resection of the medial band of the plantar fascia or parts of it and again the medial plantar fascia is most often detached from the heel spur or the heel spur is completely removed and resected from the heel.

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