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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published February 25, 2011
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If you want to attract clients more consistently in your life coaching practice, then you have to learn how to be more consistent in your sales and marketing habits. As a life coach, you’ve probably had months where you had no clients and other months where you may have attracted a bunch of clients. You may have had some months where you earned thousands of dollars and other months not near as much.

You’re asking yourself how do you get income to show up more consistently? Your results leave clues. These clues you can trace back to how you bring clients into your business. You will notice that when you got more clients you had more focus and attention on your business and on getting clients in those times. And when you didn’t, you had less clients show up.

All you have to do is have a professional process you follow for your business, a process you can be accountable to and a process that suits your needs. It could be as simple as finding five new leads per day to make contact with. And as long as you follow your process consistently, then your income will be more consistent too.

The reason why results are inconsistent and why focus and action are inconsistent is because of emotion. Emotion fuels actions and results. You can also call it motivation. There are peaks and valleys in life. There are times when you are motivated and other times when you aren’t. Professionals have learned to master their emotions such that they can stay committed in their business and in the discipline of their process to get clients. The reason why people have steady paychecks is because they show up for work each day, even if their emotions dictate they don’t want to be there.

Getting consistent results and attracting more clients is about the same thing. It’s easy to be motivated in the good times and more difficult in the down times. During the down times is when you need to learn how to change your emotional state quickly and get back on track. That is your key to consistency. Any number of things can throw you off. Relationships, business failures, family, your team losing the Super Bowl, whatever it is. It’s not bad to get thrown off course. Everyone does. The question is how quickly can you get back on course. This makes all the difference between having a semi-functioning business and a high-powered business.

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