Which tastes better, huckleberries or blueberries? (Blueberries)

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  • Author Amanda Bennett
  • Published January 25, 2011
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I'm 28 years old, it's mid July, and I'm headed out of my Nanny's drive way, with my bucket in hand. Off to the HUGE blueberry field across the street! This field is over an acre and there are blueberries as far as the eye can see (and a little bit farther, hehe). If you walk into the bushes just a little, you'll find my blueberry tree (a very well kept secret). It grows THE BIGGEST, JUICIEST, BLUEST, BERRIES, and nobody even knows it's there! Picking fresh field blueberries is one of the most relaxing activities I know. I can spend a whole afternoon over there and not even realize it, until my bucket and belly are full! Hahaha! For me picking blueberries (or any fresh produce) is very calming and stress relieving (except for those darned ants, biting your ankles, lol). Recently I was a little stressed out and having a really bad day, we went to visit my grandparents in the valley! I was there about 30 minutes, and I decided to wander over to the good old blueberry field, to see if there were any berries ripe for the picking! To my delight, as I crossed the road, I could see the wave of blue! Yeah! I went over and spent an hour picking berries. As I was walking back down the driveway, I noticed that I was so relaxed and happy! I guess maybe a little time alone helps too, hehe!

Blueberries have such a strong, sweet aroma. You can smell them from a mile away! They have an amazingly sweet and succulent flavor. They burst in your mouth, with a little "pop" as you bite down! Although blueberries are THE BEST eaten by the handfuls, fresh off of the bush. Blueberries are a great addition to almost anything. Use them in pancakes, pies, muffins, cakes or cookies. Sprinkle them into your fresh garden or fruit salad and so much more! Blueberry juice is one of the freshest tasting juices out there. Chilled with a few ice cubes, it's the BEST!

Blueberries are not only bursting with fantastic flavor, but a great number of nutrients as well as. Blueberries have the highest level of antioxidants. Their skins have a very large amount of the powerful antioxidants and other great nutrients that our bodies need to help fight off heart disease and cancer! They are also very great for your vision. Being high in anthocyanosides, blueberries have been proven to slow down the vision loss process! Blueberries are also a great way to keep your memory sharp; they help prevent memory loss! That is essential these days!

Well there you have it, blueberries are great tasting, they smell wonderful, and they are fantastic for both mental and physical health! You just can't go wrong with those little blue beauties! So the next time you pass a blueberry patch, be sure to stop and pick a few, you'll be glad you did!

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