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  • Published March 4, 2011
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Today there are cosmetic dental techniques that would seem like true science fiction a few decades ago. One day dental implants have restored the smile to many people who, in an earlier time, would have had to opt for old fashioned dentures. Today people do not have to set their teeth in a jar at bedtime or worry about their teeth slipping around in their mouth. Implants are almost like real teeth and it is hard to tell the difference between the implant and the real thing.

People are choosing the implant over old fashioned dentures when they have to have their missing teeth replaced. The implant is attached to a specially formed titanium pole that is grafted into the jaw bone. The pole is permanently affixed once the graft takes its position.

There are many qualified oral surgeons who perform this cosmetic procedure and it is relatively easy to find the right oral surgeon to do this work. Find the right dentist, one who has a lot of experience, and one that fits one's budget. Some insurance companies pay for this surgery while other insurance companies do not cover strictly cosmetic procedures.

If the plan participant can show that the procedure is necessary for medical reasons then there is a chance that the insurance plan will pay for the procedure. But even when patients have to pay for the surgery they believe that it is worth the cost because they are able to confidently smile once again. When someone smiles after her implant surgery it is difficult to tell if she has artificial or real teeth.

Dentures slip around the mouth and can fall out or even be swallowed by the user. The implant is affixed permanently to the jaw bone and will never slip because it is like one's natural teeth. The implant wearer will not have to use artificial fasteners or adhesive like denture wearers have to use.

Some denture wearers experience pain when they chew their food because the dentures will actually bite the gum when they slip in the mouth. The implant chews through food just like natural teeth so eating is a pain free experience. Artificial teeth are brushed and cleaned just like normal teeth and not taken out to be cleaned like dentures.

The denture has to be held in place with terrible tasting adhesive gel or by metal hooks that can cause abrasions along the gum line. The jaw bone will not recede once the poles are affixed in place because the jaw bone feels that natural teeth are still in place. People with dentures will experience jaw bone loss on the other hand. The titanium poles actually promote jaw bone growth.

One day dental implants have restored the smile of many people who, years ago, would have had to opted for dentures. The implant unlike the denture does not slip and looks like natural teeth. Finding the right dental professional for this cosmetic surgical procedure is easy but make sure to find a dental professional with a lot of experience with implant surgery.

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