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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published March 2, 2011
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You probably wish you could have a whole lineup of clients at your door eager to pay for your life coaching services. You want to have it all right now. You don’t want to wait. You don’t want to have to grow step by step as a life coach to attract clients consistently. The only thing holding you back from having a successful life coaching practice is wanting it all right now. Wanting something without having done the work for it. Wanting the result before the effort.

Nothing else holds anyone back besides this one principle. For life coaches it looks like wanting to be successful right now without knowing how to sell, how to build a business. Without having built a sales funnel of consistent clients, without doing what it takes to build a successful practice. And when they go out and do a few things, then fail and realize that they can’t get it right now in this moment, that’s why most people give up. Because they need something right now.

Life is NOT about getting anything. There’s nothing to get. You already have everything. Life is only about a process of learning, growth and contribution. The joy of life is the step by step journey. And you can only attract clients and build a business by taking it step by step. You have to be willing to be awkward at first. You have to be willing for results not to show up for a long time in some cases. You have to be willing to fail. Repeatedly. Because life isn’t about getting to results.

The need to be successful also looks like feeling like you’re not good enough but that if you were successful and earned money, then you might be good enough. Or you’re not valuable just as you are, but if you were to earn money or to help out a lot of clients, then you might be valuable. So you need to be successful right now and have the evidence of your worth.

Only when you drop that can you be successful and fulfilled. Only then can you attract clients. Nothing else will help you get more clients quicker than extracting that desire, that need for results out of your mind, your body and your emotions. That means letting go of fear and reclaiming your power.

Above all, you must learn to build your life coaching practice one step at a time. You can only focus on the next step ahead of you. Anything else gets you off track. Focusing on anything else means you’re seeking for some emotional need to be met, whether you’re dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. The next step is all you need to know. A plant doesn’t worry about the final result of growing it’s fruit to being ripe. A plant just focuses on getting sun, water and nutrients right now. A plant just focuses on growing one step at a time.

You must learn how to embrace and enjoy the next step. For some of you, that might be as simple as getting a job. For others, it might mean letting go of fear. For some, it might be getting that first client. For others, it might be doubling your income and doubling the clients you are already attracting. What is the next step for you in your business?

And the quicker you can get to each step, the quicker you can get to the results. But you can only do it by letting go of your need for it. Your need for success is what stops you from focusing on each step. Your need for success destroys your motivation, takes you off track and has you focusing on everything else but the next step. And the next step is the only way you can get to where you want. You can’t skip steps either.

Embrace the next step. For the rest of your life. Be OK with it. Let go of everything else. Embrace the next step as your life’s motto, as your new habit. Learn to complete each step with precision and efficiency. Soon you’ll find that you’ll be flying through each step rapidly and quickly. Soon you’ll be attracting more clients consistently and creating the life coaching practice you want.

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