6 Steps to Attract Clients by Facing Your Fears

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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published February 26, 2011
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One of the key components that holds you back from attracting clients in you life coaching business is fear and limiting beliefs. You don’t think clients will pay you. You feel like you’re not good enough. You don’t know how you could double the number of clients you already bring in. You feel fear about charging more for your services. Whatever it is, what holds you back from being a successful life coach and reaching your goals is fear. Here are 6 steps you can use to identify and dissolve fear in your business.

-Identify fear. To do this you have to begin monitoring the ongoing thoughts and feelings you have. Usually, you run on autopilot. You automatically have thoughts popping up and feelings running through you in consistent patterns. Now it’s time to start paying attention. Begin sifting the thoughts that serve you and the ones that don’t. Pay attention to when any fear or disempowering emotion shows up.

-Identify the story. To dissolve an emotion of belief, you have to get to its source. And every fear is eager to tell you its source. In fact, it has to tell you its source so the fear can keep its power. Fear is always based on false premise. So fear has to continue justifying itself to you with a story of why it should exist. Once you identify the story and its source, the fear begins to lose its power.

-Turn the story inward. Locating the source will always be something about you. The story will always begin by blaming something or someone as the cause - something outside of you. You’ll feel anger, fear, shame, guilt, stress, frustration or any other negative emotion. Negative emotion is cause by you feeling powerless and like there’s nothing you can do to change the circumstances. That is what fear wants you to believe. So you begin by listening to the story of your fear. You listen to who or what that it’s blaming. Listen to the full force of what you feel.

Then you turn the story inward. The source will always be you. Never anyone outside of you. No matter what they’ve done and no matter what’s happened. Identify your role. For example, you may be frustrated at people who continue to tell you no to your services. You may be mad at them. The answer isn’t them, but you. You feel like there’s nothing you can do. You feel justified. You’re doing the work. They’re not listening. But the answer is that you have to do a better job of enrolling people in your program. See where you can take choice and responsibility in the matter.

-Identify the source of fear. You are cause in all you do. The fear is always deflecting you from your true power. The fear is always there to hide some lack you feel inside. There’s always some deficiency of love, of not feeling good enough, not feeling valuable, not feeling like you can succeed, not feeling worthy or any number of lacks that you inherently feel inside. The source will almost always be something similar to this.

-Feel the fear. Open to it. This is where you must include your emotions. No shift in emotions means no change. You must let yourself feel the full extent of the fear. Open to the resistance you feel. If there are knots in your stomach or restriction in your chest, open to it completely. Because within those knots is contained the power you’ve been looking for.

-Open to the truth. Once you’re in the midst of your fear, keep going through it until you come out on the other side. You come out the other side by considering the truth of the matter. For example, if you don’t feel good enough, you open to the idea and the feeling that you are good enough and you let it permeate all the fear in your body. You let a seed take root inside you and let it begin to build. You don’t close it out. The only way the truth can stay out is if you continue to resist it and close it out. Fear resists truth. And you are way more powerful than fear.

This is the layman’s version of overcoming fear. Mastering these steps takes time, repetition and practice. Having someone to guide you through these steps while you learn is a good idea. Why? Because your mind has a tendency of avoiding fear and bringing up all kinds of distractions so you don’t have to face it. Facing fear is literally facing the things you’ve been avoiding for quite some time. The more support you have, the more power you’ll have to face your fears.

And once you learn these steps, you’ll have a powerful tool to overcome anything in your way. You’ll be able to dissolve all your fears and learn how to attract clients for your life coaching business. Especially if you make these steps a daily process in your life. May you find strength and power in facing your fears and becoming the life coach you’ve wanted to be.

Jason Westlake is a life coach who shows other coaches how to attract clients. The 3 absolutely critical foundations to building a successful life coaching practice are available at: http://JasonWestlake.com. Learn about doubling your profits at


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