What is the Right Type of Carpet Flooring for a Home in Spring, TX?

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  • Author Aimee Garay
  • Published March 9, 2011
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So what does the weather have to do with deciding which type of carpet flooring is right for your Spring, TX home? Well, there are several factors you have to determine.

To begin with, carpet flooring in Spring, TX can come in either tile squares or solid rolls. Carpet rolls can be installed in one or more larger pieces, while carpet tiles are usually laid down separately. This means that if your carpet receives extensive damage, it may be necessary to replace the carpet in an entire room if it roll carpet. You may be able to replace individual carpet tiles, however, making it only necessary to replace those particular squares of carpet flooring that were damaged in your Spring, TX home.

Also where damage is concerned, when roll carpet is damaged, especially if it water damage, the under pad can also become damp or even as soaked as the carpet itself. When this occurs, it is possible that water damage will occur to the sub-flooring (the surface on which the under pad and carpet has been installed) also. It may be necessary to repair or replace this too along with the under pad and carpet.

This may be easier to avoid with carpet squares. As soon as you notice the water damage, you can immediately remove the squares that were soaked and proceed to check the sub flooring for damage. If none is evident, you can quickly start the drying process on those areas where the carpet tiles had to be removed so that it doesn't occur.

You also want to take the "pile" or carpet height into consideration. Since summers can be very hot and humid, and carpet with a deep pile may make a room feel hotter, even if the carpet flooring in your Spring, Texas home has very little to do with the inside temperature. Carpet flooring in Spring, TX with a low pile, such as Berber carpet has, may actually give the impression that the room is cooler. Both high and low pile carpet flooring will keep your home warm in the winter.

Bear in mind, too, that carpet with a higher pile is sometimes harder to keep clean and attractive looking, as the pile can become flattened or matted. You won't have this problem with low pile, although low pile may show dirt or stains worse than high pile. These are some other things you will need to take into consideration.

Be sure to visit several flooring stores when looking for carpet flooring in Spring, TX so that you can make a good price comparison. While you are comparing carpet prices at different stores, remember to ask if the quoted price includes under pad and installation fees, if you are going with roll carpet. The under pad may be sold separately from the actual carpet flooring in one Spring, TX store while it is included in the overall price at another.

You will not have to worry about installation fees if you plan on doing the job yourself. However, if that is your plan, keep in mind that you will need special tools to install the carpet flooring in your Spring, TX home. It may be possible to rent these tools or borrow them, thus saving you the cost of having to buy them.

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