What is Acidophilus?

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  • Published March 10, 2011
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What Is Acidophilus?

Most people don't know what Acidpohilus actually is!

To answer the question, Acidophilus is a "Pro Biotic". And if you're still in the dark, pro biotics are what are termed "the good bacteria" that are found in your intestinal tract. The next question is...what do these good bacteria do?

Well, they are known as "flora" and their main function is to promote a health and strong immune system. They do this by making sure the intestinal tract and waste management systems of the body fucntion correctly. This in turn ensures key vitamin production in maintained within the body which in turn results in a "healthy look"! So, despite the fact many people are ignorant of them, they are vital in maintaining the proper function of many bodily systems.

For the most part pro biotics are found in "live" foods, for example yoghurts. And it's no coincidence that these sorts of foods have largely slipped out of the "western" diet. Acidophilus is one of a larger group of good bacteria such as...

L. acidophilus, Bifidobacteria (Bifidus), L salivarius, L.rhamnosus, L.platarum, Lactobacillus, Primadophilus

Recent research suggests that the best pro biotic formulas should include FOS (fructooligosaccharides). FOS are extremely good at enhancing the performance of pro biotics in general.

It's now accepted as true that a "Western diet" (lots of sugar, alcohol and saturated fat) attacks the good bacteria in your gut. Over time the good bacteria becomes depleted and stops working to help the digestive system. The following are particularly effective at killing your good bacteria!

Firstly age is a natural killer of your good bacteria as over time they just lose vitality. Pain killers (particularly anti-inflammatory drugs) will destroy your good bacteria by the million, even the chlorine in our water that is supposed to keep us healthy kill your good bacteria. Anti biotics do what the name suggests and kill bacteria...including your good bacteria! Most dairy produce you buy today is stuffed full of them. Oh, and finally the biggest dangers are alcohol and tobacco!

Oh, and should you get constipated...then a lot more bad stuff will be retained in your digestive tract and further attack your good bacteria.

And remember if your doctor prescribes anti biotics expect a week or so of digestive turmoil afterwards as your good bacteria are killed by the billion!

How do you know if your internal bacteria have got out of balance. The squeamish should look away now! You will suffer from some or all of the following symptoms. Flatulence, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Food poisoning, Yeast infections, Constipation, Diahorrea, Stomach ulcers, Lactose intolerance, Halitosis and Candida.

If you are suffering from a bacterial inbalance, you need to address the situation urgently. Left to run, these complaints could easily turn far more serious in nature, such as...

Left unchecked, these disorders could easily build into something more serious such as Autoimmune disorder, Dysbiosis (pathogens actually building up in the gut) and susceptibility to some cancers are seriously increased. You should now be starting to understand why pro biotics like Acidophiuls are so important to your health.

Whilst I don't wish to preach at you...you should be taking a pro biotic like Acidophilus (even better with Bifidus) every day. As time goes by you'll notice ailments fading away and you will just loolk and feel better...and certainly notice increased energy levels.

One note of caution, you can buy pro biotic supplements either online or at most local health stores. When you store your supplements at home they should be kept refrigerated to maintain the health of the bacteria therefore making them more effective. I hope now you have a more clear understanding of what Acidophilus Bifidus is and the potential health benefits!

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