A solid wardrobe with staple items makes high-end dressing easier


  • Author Jonathan Blocker
  • Published February 28, 2011
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Many men like to start out the New Year by going through their wardrobes and updating it to better reflect who they are and how they want to look in the upcoming season. If your tastes have changed over time, now is an excellent opportunity to weed out those clothes that no longer look like "you," and switch them out with clothes that do.

When we are younger, we often decide to get lots of clothes that are less expensive, because it allows us to dress according to trends more easily and affordably. As we become more mature, it can be a better choice to buy fewer clothes and select only those of the highest quality you can afford. You should most certainly select clothing staples, such as men's oxford shirts, dress pants and shoes, that are of excellent quality for both work and casual wear, because you will turn to these items of clothing repeatedly. This gives them a huge impact on how you look.

Initially, you might think that buying men's luxury shirts such as a men's denim shirt or a men's oxford shirt will become too expensive to do for long. Although the initial cost may be a bit more than you would typically spend, you have to think about how many wears you will get out of that item of clothing. It is actually less expensive to purchase men's luxury shirts that you wear many times throughout the weeks and years rather than buying several inexpensive shirts that you only wear once or twice, if you consider the cost on a per-wear basis.

Over time, you have likely come to depend on certain cuts and styles of clothing because they flatter your physique. For example, if you wish to look taller, it helps to wear the same color on top and bottom. So if you are used to wearing denim jeans, for example, you can extend the line of blue denim by investing in a men's denim shirt to wear with them, and look taller and trimmer when you do. Darker colors recede visually while lighter colors come to the forefront, so if you wish to look like you have broad shoulders, you could select men's luxury shirts in lighter colors because they will help to expand the shoulder space.

Whatever clothing choices you select in the New Year, you will always be happy when you purchase quality clothing staple items that can be worn with style for many years.

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