History of Diamond Jewellery


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  • Published March 1, 2011
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To begin with, this piece of writing will let you know about the different types of diamond jewellery in a detailed and explained way. The very first is the black diamond. It has been noticed and also most of will agree with me that these are the most genuine diamonds been introduced and offered up till now. Their color is black because of the radiation treated on them. In a normal day light, the colour does appear black but actually the real color is dark green. All the diamond lovers love this kind of diamond as it readily incarcerate and mesmerize their attention in the best possible way and manner. It is only because of the radiation that the color appears black. Those black diamonds which come in natural form are quite and rather opaque. The black star of Africa is the most popular diamond producing continent. Read on further and get to know about other diamonds in a comprehensive way and manner.

Next are the blue diamonds! These diamonds are very and extreme rare and scarce. They have always been in great demand but they are always short. They go through a particular process that makes them blue in color and it is a permanent process. Buyer does not have to go through this process again and again in order to retain the blue color. This diamond possesses and has some kind and sort of appealing quality. It makes the individual automatically glow and sparkle up. In order to get the mesmerizing look, this is one of the best ways. Wear this jewellery and make your wish come true. Real pleasure can only be taken if you yourself are going to have a look on these diamonds right away.

Now pink diamonds are here! This color comes in many forms ranging from purplish pink to orangish pink. They are not rare and scarce and come in large amount of number. It has been noticed that the Argyle mine in Australia produces excessive amount of pink and red diamonds. So far, not a single mine is capable enough to produce that much amount of diamonds. Around 700 red and pink diamonds found each year in this mine. This is quite and rather exciting. Fancy pink diamonds are also in great demand. There might come a situation if ant kind of diamond is not available also that specific diamond is also in great demand, so this aspect will obviously effect the pricing.

Perfect pink diamonds possess some what a kind of fire and glow in them. All these diamonds appear in wide variety of shapes and sizes. Efforts and attempts are being done to bring out more new and innovative varieties of diamonds in order to retain and satisfy large number of customers.

Hence, from the above mentioned details, types of diamond jewellery are quite and rather evident. Hopefully, all of your queries and questions will be solved up and cleared up as soon as you are going to through this short piece of writing.

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