Digital X Ray Equipment For A Feature-Rich Radiology Room

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  • Published March 11, 2011
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If you are an administrator at a regional or community hospital, then you know that digital x ray equipment offers you big cost-savings over film x rays. The biggest challenge that you probably face in this type of medical setting is making sure that all of the x ray supply components are well-integrated with each other.

There are PACS systems available that will not only make sure that superior integration technologies are in place, but will also give you the versatility you need so that everyone on your medical team, regardless of their area of specialization, will have the digital imaging system features that they need in order to maintain a productive office workflow, thereby saving you money.

The first step that will make everyone's life easier is to invest in digital x ray supplies such as a web-based PACS system. The ability of your medical staff to communicate with each other will be boundless with a system that resides online. This PACS x ray supply can be set to a local-area network for sending and receiving digital DICOM images and text messages throughout your medical facility. It can also be used for connecting all of the medical clinics and other hospitals that are a part of your medical network through the use of a wide-area network.

Consultations with physicians that live anywhere in the world where there is access to the internet and a clinical workstation can also be enabled through the use of a virtual private network. This allows physicians to work away from their home hospital, and yet still have the ability to communicate with them, securely access records as well as digital medical images.

Another concern is getting the wide variety of modalities used in digital image capture to be able to communicate with one another. The PACS x ray supplies the medium for that transaction to take place. Any modality, which can include CT, PET, MRI, mammography, ultrasound as well as digital x ray, which is saved in the DICOM digital imaging format, can then be read by the PACS x ray supply package.

The PACS x ray equipment is the common thread among all the disparate programs, with DICOM as the common platform among them all. This allows all of these modalities' images to be viewed on clinical workstation, sent and received through the PACS, which also works as a router in high-volume digital imaging situations often found in a hospital setting, and stored on a server that could be onsite as well as an offsite one for use in the event that disaster recovery is needed.

You can find PACS and other digital x ray supplies from an online medical imaging distributor.

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