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  • Author Orlando Torres
  • Published March 10, 2011
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Have you got a room in your place that is packed full of stuff you never actually use, but you never bothered to dump? Does your room always feel a bit like it's messy and crowded? If so, working on decluttering your room and organizing it can do amazing things to aid in making you enjoy that room once again.

Organizing any room does not just entail being able to find the things you need when you would like them, but it's also about creating a peaceful, clean, and welcoming environment where you can relax and efficiently work without the load of stress that debris can create. As with any process, you want to begin by knowing the point of the room you want to organize, identifying the main things you want to keep or ditch, taking everything out and then putting everything back together. It'll take quite a bit of effort and time, but with enough determination, it can be done with positive and lasting results. With that in mind, here are one or two beneficial tips about how to organize your room to reach that place of Zen and peace you can think about your refuge.

You have to have a plan. You want to think about the point of the room and what activities will be performed in that room. Is the point of the room television viewing, exercising, playing games, reading, stitching/crafts, sleeping, serving as a home office or surfing the internet? After determining the purpose and function of the room, write down a list of the things required to perform the activities usually done there. What kind of space do need for each activity and where can you store items important to the room when they don't seem to be being used? Some find it helpful to make a sketch or drawing of the room to get a better view of the intended output and to just mess around with possible layout of furniture.

Next, in order to organize the room you want to purge, sort, replace and maintain. Begin by selling, giving or chucking away any thing you suspect is unnecessary. Go threw your closets, drawers or any storage places within in the room and dump rubbish. Identify items you want to stay in the room and put them in strategic places in the room in order that they are handily available. You have to be consistent with where you place things so as not to create more debris. If you have left over space for storing within the room, it is completely alright to store other less often used items there in closets, cabinets, shelving and drawers. Just make sure everything is clearly labeled and tidily organized and placed. You can even wish to replace an old bulky TV or treadmill with more modern more space efficient ones. Finally, you want to keep your room clean. Maintaining a clean and organized room can require a little bit of effort but the rewards are worth it.

Having an arranged and effectively laid out room could be a very positive thing. Just visualize the room you need, be bold enough to throw away the junk, take some time to sort and organize and then be consistent in maintaining your arranged room. It all comes down to you. If you want to achieve it, it can occur, you simply need to start.

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