Calming Qualms about Finding a Doctor in Northern Virginia

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  • Published April 14, 2011
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Virginians looking to find gynecologists or diagnostic radiological services in the Northern part of The Old Dominion, need not look too far from home to receive the medical services he or she desires.

Whether patients are to looking to receive a CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, PET scan, mammography services, or nuclear medicine procedures, Great Falls diagnostic radiologists, although difficult to come by in the city itself, exist nearby to fill diagnostic needs. As Great Falls remains a sleepy bedroom community in Northern Virginia, one can be assured that one’s search for a radiological health care professional need not far remove him from comfort. In fact, a specialized clinic, focusing solely on investigative imaging, provides a prospective patient with a number of doctors and several branch locations for patient’s convenience. Cities in Northern Virginia, such as Fairfax, Reston, Herndon, and Arlington, house clinic branches for convenience. Or, if one chooses, one may go to a hospital or private clinic where a healthcare professional in the specialty will also be able to perform desired procedures. There are a few things for the patient to consider before his first radiological exam. Although not required for the practice of radiology, it is important to recognize if the doctor is board certified. This means that he has passed a certification exam for recognition of his competency in a higher-level, specialized field of medicine. Also, close attention must be paid to pre-procedural instructions, which, for example, may require continuation of normal daily activities, such as eating and drinking regularly at dinner time the night before, followed by no food or drink prior to the examination. Examinations last anywhere from 10 minutes, with near immediate results upon processing of an x-ray plate, or up to a few hours, for procedures such as an intravenous pyelogram (IVP), which requires a serious of injections of contrast material in to the body followed by constant monitoring of the journey of the contrast material through the body.

There is also a wealth of gynecologists in Virginia, for the maintenance and health of the female reproductive system in all stages of life. Again, the Northern Virginia cities of Reston, Alexandria, and Herndon, all provide specialty groups and clinical practices, as well as private practices and individual OB/GYN doctors at hospitals, for a woman to take care of all of her gynecological health needs. Before the most general of procedures in the gynecological world, a pelvic exam, there is not much pre-examination preparation that a woman needs to go through. Normal meals may be eaten, and life may be lived as usual. However, sexual intercourse and douching should be avoided for approximately 48 hours before the exam to ensure the gynecologist gets a proper idea of the normal state of the vagina. Knowledge of medical allergies and the date of a woman’s last period should be expressed to the doctor before undergoing the pelvic examination.

One need not have qualms about undergoing any of the above described procedures, as the quantity and quality of health care provided in Northern Virginia is exceptional.

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