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  • Published February 11, 2011
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Transferring your company to a new location requires eagerness to embark on a bold new adventure. As you plan this major step, you will take into consideration several important factors before choosing an appropriate work site for your well-established business. It is important that you carefully consider in a thorough manner the benefits and advantages of leasing a serviced office in order to maximize your available resources and minimize your expenses.

In Dallas, Texas as in other parts of the country, leasing a serviced office can certainly help your company if you are operating on a limited budget. It could be a successful answer to your current business needs and yet respond to an existing need in regards to additional working space. This is a remarkable option if you want to relocate your company quickly and if you want to avoid any unnecessary expenses and maintenance costs.

Six Important Reasons to Lease a Serviced Office:

  1. Saves time and money - If you choose to lease a serviced office, you can certainly save both time and money. You won’t have to worry about the installation of internet, electricity and telephone services and you could even decrease your expenses for furnishings and furniture by using a serviced office as this would all be included in the basic cost. Your expenses would be evenly budgeted and your time would be saved from having to worry about all of this yourself.

  2. Increase Degree Of Protection - Safety and security is essential to every business as you certainly must be sure that your assets are preserved. Leasing a serviced office usually includes an assurance of having a security system that will help maintain safety and security in your workplace at all times. You and your employees can concentrate on productivity and have few concerns about safety.

  3. Readily Available Human Resources - People who will work for the growth of your business are very important. By leasing a serviced office, you are frequently provided with a dedicated receptionist and administrative support personnel who will require minimal management and supervision. This is one less thing that your company will have to worry about.

  4. Complete Facilities - Every company worldwide realizes the importance of efficient facilities that will optimize productivity and profits. This type of business need is essential to achieve optimum organizational effectiveness. Conference and meeting rooms usually are furnished with equipment such as projectors, screens, internet links, etc., basically all of the equipment that is necessary for any type of meeting.

  5. Requires Smaller Capital Investment - Leasing a serviced office space will decrease the money that you would normally have to spend to purchase fixed assets such as buildings, machinery or equipment. Everything a business should need is already there and in place. You can pay your fixed amount of lease each month and not worry about any other capital expenditures of that nature. Your business capital is protected and will be maximized for pure business purposes and not avoidable upkeep and maintenance expenses.

  6. Flexible Leasing Arrangements – These facilities and their management are set up to handle changeable business needs. Your ability to find a serviced office with little lead time is typically not a hindrance here. You can also make these types of arrangements for short-term time periods and not lock yourself into a long-term lease that you just don’t need or want.

There are many advantages to leasing a serviced office; the above are just a few of them. This arrangement can be very beneficial to your business if you urgently need more space but may not want to yet commit to a long-term lease and or the purchase of such facilities. You can enjoy services such as telephones, internet connectivity, maintenance, equipped break rooms and additional staff and not lock into a long-term commitment. Taking advantage of a serviced office space truly removes many problems and offers a wide range of business solutions. Look into it today!

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