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  • Published June 21, 2011
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There is a big movement by many environmentally conscious families and concerned homeowners for green flooring. Duxbury has numerous places a family that wants to help reduce waste and shrink the size of their carbon foot print can go to choose a carpet or other floor covering that will be green, as in good for the environment.

A lot of homeowners have family members, sometimes it is children and sometimes it is the adults, with various allergies. Many allergens hide in wool carpet. Cohasset offers various choices to replace carpeting, starting with a low-allergen procedure. This will reduce the allergens, microbial dust particles and anything else that lingers in the floor covering which could be stirred up as someone walks across the floor.

To remain environmentally friendly and help allergy sufferers, companies that sell carpet in Norwell reducing their waste, reusing equipment whenever they can and selling only the finest pieces of flooring at economical prices. Carpets that help to reduce hidden allergens are made with a nylon blend, usually combined with polyester. These combined synthetic fibers will catch things from the air such as pollen and tiny mold spores, however, these allergens cannot survive in a carpet made of polyester or nylon. The pollen will dry up and the mold has nothing to 'feed' off of. These types of carpeting are considered an inhospitable environment for allergens because they are nonorganic.

Cleaning a carpet is the best way to control allergens in a newer or older floor covering. In addition, carpet cleaning, as directed by the manufacturers, can make a carpet last longer and this will save the environment by keeping a large piece of soiled carpet out of a landfill. Many of the newer carpets are designed to resist stains and soiling and therefore a lot of homeowners believe they do not have to deep clean the carpets like with an older carpet. This would be incorrect because even if a carpet is not dirty or soiled in spots or is showing a high traffic area of dirt, it should still be cleaned with a shampooer to get it deep-down clean and remove the dust mites and other allergens that can create a problem for those who suffer from allergies of varying kind.

Green flooring from Duxbury does not always mean carpeting. Some people prefer the look and feel of hardwood flooring for certain rooms in their homes. Other types of flooring include ceramic tiles and linoleum. One room in the house that should not have carpeting installed in it is the kitchen. This is because people tend to drop more liquid or messy type items in the kitchen than any other room in the house. Most kitchen floors are covered with linoleum or a tile.

Many homeowners choose a soft style floor covering for the bedrooms such as wool carpet. Cohasset has many different styles, colors and thicknesses of wool carpeting to add comfort and class to a bedroom. Other rooms in the house that might benefit from a wool carpet could be the living room or dining room. The case for carpet in the dining room is split pretty much down the middle for those who would rather not have to clean a messy carpet or those who like the look of hardwood that compliments their dining room set. It is probably a safe bet that whatever linoleum flooring that is in the kitchen will not be extended into a dining room; however, a dainty pattern on tiles could work well in both rooms.

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